CleanBoost® Maxx™ 32 oz. Fuel Additives

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Looking for a convenient alternative? Try our CleanBoost® Fuel Pills™. Same MPG gaining and high performance formula as our CleanBoost® Maxx™, only in a solid, pill form for added convenience at the pump!

CleanBoost® Maxx™ Fuel Supplements are the cost effective way to treat fuel. 1oz treats up to 30 gallons of diesel or gasoline making this an effective fuel solution with the following benefits; 65% Savings per Treated Tank over the Leading Additive; Maximizes Power; Cleans Fuel Injectors; Stabilizes Fuel; Reduces Emissions; Increases Fuel Economy; Adds Lubricity; EPA Registered.

1 oz. Treats up to 30 Gallons of Fuel - This 32 oz. bottle will treat up to 960 gallons of either diesel or gasoline, making this a real value while bringing your savings per treated gallon @ $0.19... this means you are purchasing your diesel or gasoline approximately $0.19 per gallon less than what is shown on the station's marquee after figuring in your purchase of CleanBoost® Maxx™ in this size container (savings increase on larger size bottles).. This is due to a 10% increase in MPG, primarily from increased combustion efficiency.

CleanBoost® 32 oz. Maxx™ is a full quart container. This one 32 oz. bottle will treat up to 960 gallons of either diesel or gasoline. This quart container has markings on the side of the bottle to allow easy dosing of your fuel system. Feel the power and smoothness of your engine as CleanBoost® Maxx™ begins to go to work destroying carbon deposits, removing harmful water condensate, blowing out slagging and cold-end corrosion.

CleanBoost® Maxx™ is a super concentrate combustion improver, specially formulated to maximize both performance and fuel economy. Enjoy the extra horsepower and increase in fuel economy. CleanBoost® Maxx™ will allow any size fleet to save operating costs by reducing emissions, increasing fuel economy and providing cleaner running equipment.

CleanBoost® Maxx™ can be used with #1, #2 diesel and gasoline at a ratio of 1:4000 dramatically reducing the carbon particulate emissions while simultaneously reducing the excess air requirements.

CleanBoost® Maxx™ Will increase combustion efficiency by reducing fouling and corrosion thereby improving heat transfer, extending equipment life, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing interruptions of equipment operations.

CleanBoost® Maxx™ environmental benefits all types of combustion applications by promoting the combustion of the carbon particles (soot) and condensed tar from the incomplete combustion of untreated fuels.

CleanBoost® Maxx™ is effective in industrial boilers and diesel engines of all sizes and is used in marine shipping, power generation, mining, construction, ground transportation and wherever high fuel prices or compliance with emissions or opacity regulations is a concern.


  • CleanBoost® Maxx™ can be used with all grades of diesel fuel, JP8, kerosene and gasoline. 
  • Treating your fuel with CleanBoost® Maxx™ includes better engine performance, extended equipment life and reduced maintenance costs.
  • CleanBoost® Maxx™ reduces fuel consumption by 3 to 5% across a wide range of fossil fuels.

CleanBoost MAXX Fuel Supplement is the easiest way to increase engine power and fuel efficiency (mpg). This is true for both gas and diesel engines. It’s true, there are other ways to boost or improve power, performance, and fuel mileage. However, these strategies often involve intense restructuring of the vehicle or engine. Some methods for boosting power and fuel economy are less invasive than others, like adding a cold air intake. However, nothing is as easy as simply adding 1 ounce of CleanBoost MAXX Fuel Supplement to every 30 gallons of gas or diesel fuel. You will begin to see results in the first tank of treated fuel.

CleanBoost fuel additives can increase your horsepower by as much as 11 horsepower in the first tank. Short of extreme engine modification and upgrades, you won’t see that from any other power improving method. Additionally, CleanBoost MAXX will also increase your engines torque. You will feel your engine get up and go like never before.

While you are enjoying increased power, you will also see up to 10% increase in fuel mileage (mpg). That means you will be able to farther on a tank of gas or diesel and you will be able to go further between fill ups. Increased power means increased performance and fun while improved miles per gallon means more money in your pocket. You can also see improved fuel economy with a lower octane of gas which means you can spend less when you do need to fill up.

CleanBoost MAXX achieves these benefits for your engine by increasing the combustion efficiency of the fuel you use. Greater efficiency means the fuel your engine uses is going straight towards performance – power and economy. This also means that there is less waste. CleanBoost MAXX helps your engine utilize the fuel it is getting and your engine leaves less in the atmosphere which means lower levels of emissions.

You can spend thousands on upgrades or you can add 1 ounce of CleanBoost to every 30 gallons of fuel and see improved power, performance, and fuel efficiency. The choice seems pretty clear to us, but we’ll let you decide for yourself. If 32 oz. seems like too much for you, check out our 16 oz bottle, on sale now!

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Looking for a convenient alternative? Try our CleanBoost® Fuel Pills™. Same MPG gaining and high performance formula as our CleanBoost® Maxx™, only in a solid, pill form for added convenience at the pump!

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