Sno-Cat By CleanBoost®

CleanBoost Sno-Cat is designed to reduce pour points and diesel fuel gelling in #1, #2, and even B5 and B20 Biodiesels. This quality additive is made with a unique blend of copolymers and fuel catalyst that prevents the formation of crystals. 

Also offers filter plugging prevention and stops water-related problems in the fuel. In addition to this, this product also increases range of the crude oil to be used in middle distillate production. Fuel technologies like these are also very helpful to those who don’t always have access to kerosene because it reduces the need for kerosene dilution in the fuel. It is also an EPA registered product so you are assured that you are also doing the environment a favor when using it.

Generally, fuel additives like Sno-Cat™ helps boost fuel economy by making the diesel fuel more efficient. It also helps trucks run smoother and longer during those winter hauls with its specialized wax forming prevention function.