Fuel Additives

MAXX Fuel Additive and Fuel Pills by CleanBoost maximize engine performance. With these supplements you will see greater horsepower, torque, performance, and fuel efficiency all while decreasing emissions.

By improving fuel combustion, fuel is used more efficiently. This boosts performance and leaves less to be dropped into the environment. Save money by filling up less and boost power by simply adding Maxx Fuel Additive or Fuel Pills.

With these supplements you will also see increased power while decreasing octane requirements while filling up. This means you will fill up less and will need to spend less at the pump by being able to use a less expense octane of fuel.

Maxx Fuel Additive can be used for gasoline and diesel engines while the Fuel Pills are recommended for gasoline engines.

CleanBoost SC-Winter is designed to reduce pour points and diesel fuel gelling in #1, #2, and even B5 and B20 Biodiesels. This quality additive is made with a unique blend of copolymers and fuel catalyst that reduces the formation of crystals. 

Other CleanBoost Products such as EMT also work to increase power and performance in your engine. Treat your engine to the best. Treat your engine to CleanBoost Products.

MAXX Fuel Supplement, SC-Winter and Fuel Pills by CleanBoost are packaged and sold by Boost Performance Products.

Fuel works through combustion. As the fuel combusts, energy is created that a vehicle's engine harnesses and turns into torque and power. Fuel has come along way since first being used to propel vehicles. Scientists and specialists have spent years trying to perfect the point at which fuel will combust.

By having a precise combustion point and having pure (as possible) fuel, an engine is able to improve power, performance and fuel economy. Maxx Fuel Additive and Fuel Pills work by improving the efficiency of combustion of whatever fuel is in your tank.

No matter the octane or if it is gas or diesel, CleanBoost fuel additives improve the ability of your engine to use the fuel that is there. Improved use of the fuel that is there means you fill up less because you will get boosted fuel efficiency and miles per gallon. 

Maxx Fuel Additives and Fuel Pills save you money by allowing you to fill up with fuel less often and by protecting and increasing the efficiency of your engine.

Greater combustion and more efficiency means less wear on  your engine. Less wear will mean fewer repairs and breakdowns in the future which will keep money in your pocket. 

CleanBoost Maxx Fuel Additive, SC-Cat and Fuel Pills: Increase power, boost fuel efficiency, reduce diesel gelling, decrease emissions, and save money.