Oil Additives

HORSPOWER, TORQUE AND PERFORMANCE can be achieved by reducing friction. CleanBoost® EMT™ Engine & Metal Treatment reduces friction by using stabilizing antioxidants and unique metal deactivators to create a synergistic extreme pressure composition without altering the chemical makeup of the oil. This is the winning formula used by many NHRA Top Alcohol race teams to protect their very expensive engines and critical gear components under exteme conditions. As the oil carries the additive through the motor / gears, a covalent bond is formed with the metal.

The friction-reducing film that results... is bonded to, by penetrating the metal 2 to 4 microns deep. By contrast, the film created by chlorinated paraffin additives, merely sit on the surface. CleanBoost® EMT™ (Engine Metal Treatment) has been proven to reduce friction and extend engine life, without creating acidic / corrosive by-products. This allows you to protect your engine, without harming it in the longrun. Aka: a win-win situation. This proven technology can be your secret advantage in all forms of competition and reliability.