CleanBoost® Diesel Rescue™ 32oz Combo Fuel Additives For Diesel

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32 oz. CleanBoost® Diesel Rescue™ can Re-Liquefy Diesel Fuel instantly, Thaw Frozen Fuel Lines or simply Remove Water from your Fuel Systems in just a few quick steps. It works on all diesel fuels, including bio-diesel.

32 oz. CleanBoost® SC™ Diesel Fuel Conditioner is a convenient size to take with you on the road. This one 32oz. bottle will treat and protect up to 480 gallons of diesel fuel at a treat ratio of 1:2000. 

This special squeeze-type container allows just the right amount of Sno-Cat™ into the built in chamber for easy dosing of your fuel system. 1 ounce of CleanBoost® Sno-Cat™ to 15 gallons of diesel fuel. Seriously reduces diesel fuel gelling in its tracks

Act now to get this one-time offer of CleanBoost® Diesel Rescue™ 32oz + CleanBoost® Sno-Cat™ 32oz with a $10.97 savings

CleanBoost® Diesel Rescue™ 32oz is our newest product for thawing out a gelled up diesel. Sno-Cat is for preventing the gelling of diesel fuel in the first place. Use CleanBoost® Sno-Cat™  every time you fill up to:

  • Prevent Gelled Diesel Fuel
  • Faster Startups
  • Increase Power
  • EPA Registered
  • Pour Point Depressant
  • Fuel Catalyst + Anti-Gel in one product
  • Better Lubricity
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Especially Formulated for Harsh Winter Conditions
  • Disperses Water; Cleans Injectors
  • Inhibits Growth of Wax Crystals in Storage Tanks & Equipment
  • Improves CFPP (Cold Filter Pour Point) Behavior
  • Reduces need to use kerosene dilution for pour point for flow control

This pack treats up to 480 gallons of diesel fuel...with less than .11 cents per treated gallon! All these while providing the WORRY FREE, HARSH WINTER PERFORMANCE that you deserve. Remember, use CleanBoost® Diesel Rescue™ 32oz to thaw out a gelled or frozen fuel system and use CleanBoost® Sno-Cat™ 32oz to keep it from gelling all winter long! It's a perfect combination of harsh winter fighting formulations to keep you safely and productively running down the highway. Read on to learn more about part 1 of the combo pack, our de-gel product called CleanBoost® Diesel Rescue™ 32oz.

CleanBoost® Diesel Rescue™ 32oz is a product designed to be used in urgent situations as it rescues the engine from the unforgiving cold of the winter by thawing out frozen or gelled diesels.

By re-liquefying gelled fuel it enables the system to work properly and fuel to run as normal. This extends the life of Fuel Filters, Injectors and Pumps that are not normally designed to work with gelling or gelled/solidified fuel.

Extensive research and testing resulted in an EASY TO USE, INSTANT RESULT product that is Effective in All Diesel Fuels, ULSD and BIO-FUELS.

CleanBoost® Diesel Rescue™ 32oz is an Emergency De-Gel product that increases the cetane numbers of the fuel and helps start diesel engines in extreme cold weather conditions.

CleanBoost® Diesel Rescue™ 32oz Combo

CleanBoost® Diesel Rescue™ is a great product that looks after your truck fuel system in more ways than one.

With it you can liquefy fuel, thaw frozen fuel filters and even remove water from the fuel system.

All you have to do is follow the instructions below:

In order to Liquefy Diesel Fuel:

  • Remove fuel filters
  • Fill fuel filters with 50% CleanBoost® Diesel Rescue™
  • Fill the remaining 50% with diesel fuel
  • Re-install fuel filters
  • Start engine and allow to idle until warm

This is all you have to do !

In order to Thaw Frozen Fuel Filters:

  • Remove filters
  • Empty any liquid or gel
  • Fill fuel filters with 50% CleanBoost® Diesel Rescue™
  • Fill the remaining 50% with diesel fuel
  • Re-install fuel filters
  • Start engine and allow to idle until warm

In order to Remove Water from Fuel Systems:

Treat your fuel according to the following:

CleanBoost® Diesel Rescue™ 32oz Combo

Note: B20 (biodiesel blends) use double the amount of additive

All the steps above can be done in a matter of minutes and the results will be instant.

Remember, this is part 1 of our combo pack, or the De-Gel (only used in emergencies to thaw out a diesel fuel system). Part 2 of this unique pack, is the CleanBoost® Sno-Cat™ 32oz. which is used all winter long to keep you from gelling in the first place. This bottle included in your combo pack, treats 480 gallons of diesel fuel.

It is the worry free solution you have been looking for during the cold winter months. This combo pack is designed to keep you out of gelling trouble AND just in case you forgot to treat your fuel, or someone else was driving your rig and forgot... you have with you the emergency fix it in a bottle CleanBoost® Diesel Rescue™. 


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