Combust Fuel Pills™ 50 CT Bottle

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50 CT Combust Fuel Pills™ are a quick, cost-effective way to improve fuel economy, extending the useful life of your engine.

50 CT Combust Fuel Pills™: Advanced Biphenyl Free Fuel Pills have been tested extensively by independent labs, shown to reduce carbon particulate emissions and improve fuel combustion.

The savings are apparent on paper but more importantly Combust Fuel Pills™ will provide real, measurable savings.

Remove Deposits: Combust Fuel Pills™ remove deposits which cause incomplete burn in the combustion chamber.

Decrease Fuel Consumption: As the carbon deposits are removed from the internal engine components, fuel economy improves.

Reduce Emissions: The primary source for harmful emissions is the carbon deposits. As the Fuel Tabs reduce and remove deposits, there is a drastic reduction in the emissions of CO, NOx, SOx, HC and particulates. Combust Fuel Pills™ help the environment.

Lower Exhaust Temperatures: Combust Fuel Pills™ promote the production of CO2 for a more complete combustion. As the combustion improves, the exhaust phase becomes cooler, extending the life of engine components.

Extend Engine Oil Life: Combust Fuel Pills™ treated fuels produce smaller and less abrasive particles during the combustion process. This results in cleaner, longer lasting oil. These results lead to reduced engine wear and less maintenance time.

Extend Equipment Life: When carbon buildup is removed, equipment life is increased, oil stays cleaner and friction is reduced. Injectors, valves, rings and other associated parts show little sign of wear even after extended use.

Decrease Octane Requirement: In gasoline applications a lower octane fuel can be used, and still provide the same performance as higher-octane fuels. Dyno testing shows an increase in horse-power and an increase in octane.


Learn more about Combust Fuel Pills™ and how it can be a good alternative to corn-based ethanol fuel by clicking here.

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