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As summer draws to a close, we are reluctantly getting our lives back in order with Back to School and autumn preparations. Your car should be no exception! Your car has seen you through sunny road trips, beach days, hikes, dripped ice cream, and anything else you threw at it this summer. It’s time to give your car a little TLC, and not just because it might be messy.

Summer miles can be extra on a car. Often cars drive more miles in the summer, combat high temperatures, hot surfaces, and neglect regular care. In order to keep your car young and healthy it is important to give it regular check ups to keep it running well. Here’s our End of Summer Checklist to keep your car in tip top shape.

End of Summer Car Checklist

  1. Full Exterior Wash. The outside of your car has been beaten down by sun and sand. Give it a total wash, top to bottom. Don’t forget the important undercarriage blast! You can wash by hand, in a self-wash with the power wand, or take it through a drive-through car wash. Be sure to check all the nooks and crannies for leftover grime.
  2. Tire Check. Tires are durable, but after driving on hot asphalt and concrete all summer there may be more wear than you’d expect. Check the tread of your tires for wear, and look for even wear across all 4 tires. Taking them in for a balance and rotation is often free with warranty, or very low cost.
  3. Interior Clean. Start with removing all the accumulated trash and items from the vehicle. Maybe you’ve been hauling around beach towels or camp chairs all summer – now’s the time to remove them. Carefully vacuum the entire interior, focusing on the floor mats (which may need a shampoo if it was a particularly messy summer).
  4. Test AC. In normal circumstances, with your engine at a neutral temperature, run your AC at full blast heat. See how long it takes to get to hot air, and how hot the air feels. Do the same with cool air. If it feels that your air isn’t as hot or cold as it should be, you may need a check.
  5. Protect & Condition. Choose a protecting conditioning shine spray for your interior and exterior. CleanBoost Maxx offers high quality sprays designed to protect your vehicle, clean the surface, and leave a long lasting shine. An expensive wax is always an option as well, to keep your exterior looking professional.

As we start looking into the fall season, give your car the love it deserves to come out of summer even stronger. It’s well worth the effort! 

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