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Spring cleaning is upon us! It may include scrubbing baseboards, washing windows, touching up paint, and sweeping out your garage. It’s hard work, and not often fun, but it is definitely rewarding. You get to enjoy the benefits of a sparkling clean home and yard right as the weather gets really good. Life renews in the spring, and spring cleaning gives you a fresh new lease on life! But don’t focus all of your efforts on your home and forget your car!

You spend so much time driving around in your vehicle - it’s practically a mobile home. Give it a little love with these 10 spring cleaning tips!

  • Dust nooks & crannies. Use an angled detailed attachment for your vacuum (or the public vacuums at a car wash) and a small fluffy brush. A cheap makeup brush or foam paint brush works well! Brush out vents, consoles, cupholders, under seats, and all the other areas which gather dust - vacuuming up the dust as you go.
  • Ditch Animal Dust. If you often transport your pets in your car, you may need to rid the seats of their hair. Spray the seats with water and then use a squeegee to loosen and clump the hair. Then vacuum up the clumps!
  • Magic Erasers. Use a magic eraser sponge to tackle stains and spills that are on smooth surfaces like leather, vinyl, and plastic.
  • Wash your mats. Take the mats out of your car and throw them in a tub full of warm water and Oxyclean. Once they’ve soaked, run them through your washer and let them air dry.
  • Smell Better! Replace the air filter in your car - it’s cheap and easy! Then get a new car air freshener to keep things smelling nice.
  • Bye Bye Bugs. Soak a dryer sheet in warm water, then use it to scrub away dead bugs from your car’s grille, bumper, and windshield.
  • Cure Cloudy Headlights. Squeeze a little toothpaste on a damp rag and then scrub away! Rinse thoroughly and buff to shine for clear and bright headlights.
  • Windshield Wiper Win. If you’re in need of new wipers, they’re cheap and easy to install. If yours are just getting a little streaky - wipe them with rubbing alcohol!
  • Olive Oil Polish. You can use olive oil to condition and polish the leather of your seats and your car’s dash. This helps with older cars that have sun damage and are tight and brittle.
  • Seat Scrub. Dilute any all-purpose cleaner and using a fresh sponge scrub down cloth seats. Be sure not to soak them or use too much soap!
A fresh clean car is just 10 steps away - Happy Spring Cleaning!

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