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Cars are such a vital part of our lives. We rely on them to get to work, live our lives, and transport our loved ones safely. But they can also be an unpredictable and expensive part of our lives. When something malfunctions or breaks in our car we can rapidly find ourselves in a state of desperation. Car trouble can be expensive. Many savvy car owners learn the tricks of the trade to complete their own car maintenance for much less than they would have to pay at an auto shop.

There are so many benefits to learning to fix your car yourself. Not only can it save you lots of money, but it also helps you to understand your car better. We highly recommend learning the ins and outs of your car, but we also know that many problems are too serious, too fragile, or too important to resolve yourself.

Here’s a few Engine Problems You Should NOT Fix Yourself

  • Radiators: The radiator of your car is what keeps everything cool and running smoothly, but radiator problems are common. Here’s the problem – a mistake could literally blow up your engine. The hoses are very particular for circulation, and any tiny mistake could be destructive. Don’t risk it.
  • Timing Belt: The timing belt is what tells different parts of your engine what to do, and when. It helps synchronize valves, pistons, cylinders, and more. It’s incredibly important to the functioning of your engine, and to replace it means dismantling much of the engine. It’s best left to experts.
  • Transmission: Because fixing or replacing the transmission is so expensive many car owners think they’ll try to fix it themselves. It doesn’t go well. Both automatic and manual transmissions are extremely complicated, so don’t assume they’re the same or that you can tackle it with some internet help.
  • Diagnostics: When the Check Engine light comes on, many people like to pop the hood and look for the culprit. Sometimes it’s a loose cap or hose that can be easily fixed. But sometimes it’s much harder to deduce exactly what the problem is  - especially if it isn’t smoking or making weird sounds. Take it in for an expert to diagnose, THEN determine if it’s something you want to fix yourself.

Taking care of your car is an important priority, and we stand behind passionate car owners everywhere. We believe you can fix many problems yourself, and that there are trustworthy experts to fix the rest.

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