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Fuel economy is a skill set that can help you drive your car more efficiently, save money on gas, and protect your engine from unnecessary wear-and-tear. It can be challenging to change your driving habits to improve fuel economy, but it’s incredibly rewarding. By learning to drive with fuel economy in mind you can prolong the life of your car and fill up less frequently – are you ready to learn?

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is essentially increasing your fuel efficiency by wasting less fuel and power. Fuel economy is about using each drop of your expensive fuel on the miles you’re driving, and not wasting any of it. Fuel economy allows your engine to work as designed, without friction or unnecessary combustion that wastes gas and ages your engine.

3 Driving Habits That Improve Your Fuel Economy

  1. Go Gradual. Flooring your accelerator and slamming on the brakes is so damaging to your engine AND your fuel economy. By quickly braking and accelerating you are injecting lots of fuel and wasting fuel that’s already been combusted to propel your car. Sometimes you can’t help it when someone pulls out in front of you, but you can begin practicing slow acceleration at green lights and gradual braking when you approach a stop sign.
  2. Fuel Additive. Using a fuel additive helps your engine burn that expensive fuel more efficiently with every cycle of combustion. Fuel additives help keep your fuel running cleanly through the engine. Fuel additives also prevent deposits and leftover gunk from harming your engine or creating excessive friction. Fuel additives are affordable and easy to use, and they save you on gas in the long run.
  3. Drive Smart. Avoid stop-and-go traffic as much as possible. Use cruise control on long drives because it stops you from yo-yoing between gas and brakes. Try not to idle in drive-throughs, or while waiting in a driveway or parking lot if you can prevent it, because it’s wasting gas and producing pollution by-products. Start re-thinking your regular driving habits or behaviors, because many of them can be hurting your fuel economy.

Improving your driving habits is an excellent resolutions for 2018, especially because it can increase your fuel economy and protect your engine. Save money and prolong the life of your vehicle this year by adopting a few new driving habits – it will pay off!

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