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In today’s world we are just a phone call away from anyone and anything we might need. It’s easy to think that we don’t need to plan too far ahead, and that accidents or detours won’t happen to us. But the reality is that things can go wrong, to anyone, at any time.

Being prepared is always helpful, and will lend you some peace of mind as you live your daily life. So how can you be more prepared in your car?

There are 5 basic items that you need to have to ensure that even if the most inconvenient things happen, you’ll be prepared.

5 Items to Keep In Your Car

1.    License, Registration, Insurance, and Owner’s Manual. You’d be surprised how often you will need these documents, and how many people drive around without them. Keeping proper documentation in your car prepares you in case you get pulled over, are involved in an accident, or encounter problems with your vehicle.

2.    Spare Tire & Accessories. Probably the most common issue with cars across the nation is flat, leaky, or blown tires. You absolutely must have the tools on hand in the event you end up with a flat tire on the worst day. Check to be sure you have a full spare tire, a tire iron, jack, and any other accessories you might need.

3.    Phone Charger or backup External Battery. If your phone is dead, you are in a much more dangerous position when something happens. Keeping a phone charger in your car, or a portable external battery, can give you the power you need to call for help or a tow truck or to let them know you’ll be running late.

4.    Emergency Water & Toilet Paper. You don’t want to think about a situation in which you’ll have to use your emergency water or toilet paper, but it’s a good idea to always have it on hand. You never know when you’ll need it, or when you can come to someone else’s rescue with it!

5.    First Aid Kit. It doesn’t need to be huge, but having a first aid kit can make a huge difference for you or another person. You may end up with a small cut when you’re camping, or be the first responder on the scene of an accident where disinfectant and gauze are needed. It’s just helpful to keep a first aid kit somewhere in your car for emergencies.


Of course there are other helpful things to keep in your car (jumper cables, camp chairs, blankets and jackets, spare change, non-perishable snacks, and more), but keeping these 5 essentials in your car will help you be a safer and more informed driver on our roads. 

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