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Tinted windows tend to put people into two camps - you care about them or you don't. For people who care a lot about tinted windows, they may only look at cars with tinted windows or insist on getting their windows tinted after market. For people who don't care all that much about tinted windows they may luckily have them in the vehicle they own, they'll drive happily for years without getting their plain windows tinted. Is it simply cosmetic? For some, it can be, but there are actually a variety of benefits that come with tinted windows for your vehicle.

If you have tinted windows in your car, check out these awesome benefits you may or may not know you’re receiving! If you do not have tinted windows in your car, you may consider getting them tinted after understanding some of the key reasons serious car owner’s choose to tint their vehicle’s windows.

1. Decreased Internal Temperature/AC Use

Tinted windows can decrease heat transfer into your car, meaning the tint alone can reflect up to 75% of the heat that hits your vehicle, instead of allowing the interior of your car to bake. This means running your AC less frequently and less intensely, which saves you energy and prolongs the life of your vehicle.

2. UV Protection

Tinted windows are basically sunscreen for you! You may think you’re safe from the sun’s rays while driving in your car, but if your windows aren’t tinted you are still absorbing UV rays and sun damage. Tinted windows can be especially helpful if you commute or road trip often, since those long hours in the car can also lead to long bouts of sun exposure.

3. More Shatter-Resistant

The thin screen of tint actually protects and holds your window together. In the event of a crash or break-in, tint can prevent your window from dangerously shattering into thousands of tiny, sharp shards, and can keep larger pieces intact for a safer, more protected vehicle.

4. Decrease Glare

Tinted windows decrease the amount of glare, sun flares, reflection, and other visual impairments that can inhibit your driving. You may not even realize how much glare and sun distraction you get from your side and rear windows, not to mention your windshield!

5. Appearance

Tinted windows just simply look better. Not only that, cars with tinted windows have more vibrant, less faded interiors so the vehicle looks younger, fresher, and less damaged than comparable cars of the same make, model, and year. This is something to consider if you ever want to sell your vehicle - tinting the windows can increase your selling value. 

There are several different kinds of tinting and a variety of options for you - check in with your local auto shop experts for advice and details!

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