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Gas prices are sometimes unpredictable, and you can’t always just avoid buying. You need gas to get anywhere you need to go! It can feel like you’re trapped when prices soar, but is a pleasant surprise when the prices dip lower and lower. So what should you do if you notice gas prices are dropping?

There’s a few ways you can use this price reduction to your advantage.

  1. Fill up! This one is obvious. Now is the time to fill up your vehicle - and keep it full. Top off your vehicle regularly while prices are low, even if you’re just putting $5-10 in at a time. That will be cheaper than buying full tanks of gas when the prices rise again. If you have multiple cars, own a boat, or regularly use small tool machines like lawnmowers or edgers that use gasoline then now is a great time to fill them all up. It’s also not a bad idea to fill up a few tanks for storage! Just be sure to store them safely. 
  2. Take that Road Trip! If you’ve talked about that epic road trip, but you’ve never found quite the right time to take it - this is your sign. You can now take that road trip at a fraction of the cost since it’ll be much cheaper to fill your vehicle at pit stops. When prices are low it can be much, much cheaper to drive than to fly, so take this opportunity and load up the family vehicle!
  3. Buy a fuel efficient car. When gas prices are high, the value and demand for fuel efficient vehicles rises, since people are feeling the pain at the pump and looking for a solution. On the other hand, when gas prices are low, people don’t care so much about fuel efficiency and the price of fuel efficient cars drops. If you’ve been thinking about buying a fuel efficient car, the best time to buy is when gas prices are low. Go take a test drive, compare prices, and find something you love!
  4. Save. If you have a regular fuel budget, chances are you’re staying well below it when gas prices drop. Calculate the money you’re saving and put it aside for something fun! Turn it back into value for your car by getting your car a luxurious wash and detail, or putting the money saved into an upgrade you really want - like new wheels or a fancy entertainment system. The extra savings can provide a good reason to make some purchases you’ve been wishing for!
  5. Double down. Did you know you can increase your car’s fuel efficiency in an instant just by using a high quality affordable fuel additive? Now is a great time to start using one. Use your extra saving to buy a gallon and begin adding a few drops each time you fill up. Your car will run stronger and longer. Eventually when prices come back up you will still enjoy higher fuel efficiency and avoid filling up too frequently simply by using a fuel additive like Clean Boost Maxx. 

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