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Spring is a fickle thing. One day there are sunbeams breaking through clouds and the temperature will soar - or seem to. The snow and ice melts and for a moment you think that spring has finally arrived! But then in a flash it can turn right back to bitter cold, relentless snow, and dismal clouds.

It’s hard to predict exactly when spring has arrived, but as it nears you can at least prepare for it in a hopeful and effective way! Just like preparing for winter, there are some things you can do to prepare your ride for spring!

Today we’re sharing 5 easy ways to get your car or truck ready for spring weather.

  1. Tire Love: If you have been using snow or winter tires, you can prepare to remove and replace them as soon as you’re confident that heavy weather is behind you. If you keep the same tires on your car, now is a good time to see how they’ve worn over the winter season. They should have good tread that is worn evenly. Invest in new tires or have them rotates if needed. Be sure that they are properly inflated - the change in temperature can do funny things to your tires’ pressure!
  2. Clean & Protect Your Exterior: Your car’s surface has taken a beating over the cold winter months. Give it a thorough wash and dry to fully remove any salt and grime that can damage your vehicle. Don’t forget to give it a good undercarriage blast, as grime can erode important parts of your engine.
  3. Scrub & Replace Mats: The drop mats in your car have been trodden by wet, muddy, and snowy boots for months. Give them a spray down with a power washer, and store them away if you use heavy duty mats for winter months.
  4. Top Off Fluids & Replace Wipers: An oil change is always a good idea to keep your car running smoothly. An oil additive can help keep your engine running more cleanly and even help repair damage and gunk from years of use. Spring also means rain, so topping off your washer fluid and replacing your wiper blades will improve your visibility in rainy spring weather.
  5. Get Cargo Ready: Spring and Summer are the times to load up your trunk with toys, gear, sports equipment, luggage, and more as you prepare for road trips, vacations, sporting events, and all other fun things under the sun. Take a Saturday afternoon to empty out your car completely. Vacuum and wipe it down, then replace only what is necessary to give you more room for the fun cargo.
Before you know it you’ll be packing up picnics and cruising with the windows down in your beloved car - so get ready!

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