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As the holidays approach everyone is making their list and checking it twice. The mall, supermarkets, online shopping, even homemade gifts are filling trunks and the secret corners of secluded closets all over America. You are probably spending a significant amount of time and money this holiday season hunting down the perfect Christmas gifts for your spouse, kids, parents, coworkers, neighbors and that pesky friend who has everything. Every year you might think you can get your shopping done early and get everything you need for every single person. But it never really works out that way, does it? So many people are still hunting down gifts on Christmas Eve and far too many of us go home with disappointing present.

But did you ever stop to think about your car? Our cars are reliable, safe, and a little portable home for us and our families. Doesn’t our car deserve a little TLC, too? It’s actually pretty easy to give your car a few Christmas presents, and it benefits you as well. And don’t stop there! These are good gift alternatives for anyone who owns and loves their car!

Oil Change or Tune Up - Take your car in to your favorite shop for a little extra attention. Get a gift certificate from your favorite auto body shop for that guy in your family who loves his truck, or anyone who needs to take care of their car but doesn’t have a signature go-to auto body shop. If you have the know how, you can also easily change your own oil.

New or Snow Tires - This is a big ticket item, but will make a big impact. Whether you get them for your car, your spouse or another family member this one is a big, useful present that will benefit drivers for years to come.

Snow Kit - 'Tis the season of ice and snow, and you might need a few tools to keep your car clean and safe. Put together a nice gift basket for another driver in your family with an ice scraper for their windows, heavy duty gloves, handwarmers and jumper cables - just in case. It may not be exciting but it’s an incredibly thoughtful gift, especially for new drivers. If you drive a diesel engine vehicle, be sure to have some anti-gel on hand as well.

Fuel Efficiency Gift Set - What people really want, in general, is money! During Christmas we could all use a little more, right? After buying presents your wallet could use a break. And also people like being able to get exactly what they want, and unfortunately, our gifts rarely measure up to EXACTLY what they want. But an envelope full of cash is not that exciting or creative. How can you give them money without ACTUALLY giving them money? You can boost their fuel efficiency (and yours)! A prepaid gas card isn’t particularly flashy, but it will please anyone on the receiving end. Another good option is a fuel additive. Fuel additives are inexpensive and easy to use, but they will actually save money in the long run because they make your fuel last longer, run cleaner and improve your fuel efficiency altogether. A bottle or two of Boost Performance Products fuel additive could go to almost any driver on your Christmas list and end up saving them, or you, money in the long run.

This Christmas put some auto treats in your own stocking, or wrap them up for friends and family to boost fuel efficiency in the months to come!

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