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We’re a big fan of fuel additives, of course, but we often find ourselves talk ing to people who remain unconvinced. We get it. It can sound too good to be true. It’s also an additional expense for a car that already costs you quite a bit to own and operate. Can it really be worth it to buy another product just to make your car run a little more efficiently?

Well a fuel additive does a little more than just that, but it absolutely does work. Let us tell you how.


The first thing a fuel additive does is to bind seamlessly with your fuel. The fuel additive disperses in your fuel tank to saturate the fuel. With the addition of special chemicals, the fuel itself becomes a better combination instantly. Every drop of fuel contains the new additives that will help your fuel work better.


The fuel additive helps the fuel travel and burn more cleanly. Essentially this means that less fuel and gunk gets left behind in your engine or fuel tank. Not only does it prevent your current fuel from leaving a mess, but it also helps current fuel pick up leftover fuel and deposits to constantly clean your engine. This is especially helpful in older cars which may have a lot of buildup and grime deposits left over in their engines.


The real enticing feature of the fuel additive is the efficiency boost. Because it binds with your fuel, the additive helps every single drop of your fuel burn completely each ignition. In inefficient cars there is often leftover fuel which goes un-combusted - meaning you paid for that gas but it didn’t put any power into your car. Instead, fuel additives help your engine light every single drop of fuel you purchase. You spend less money on fuel and your car is using the energy cleanly and efficiently.

“So I should use it?” Yes, we think so. A fuel additive is inexpensive and easy to use - you pour a little into a full tank or drop in a fuel pill. If you keep a gallon in your garage and just add some after you fill up you can very quickly get huge benefits without any extra effort. You’ll notice your engine having fewer issues. You’ll fuel up less frequently. You’ll prolong the life of your engine, although you may not know that right away. A fuel additive is an easy way to take better care of your car and save money in the long run, so what are you waiting for? Fuel additives work and they can work for you. 

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