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Whether you’re a new driver or old, it’s always a good idea to supply your car with some emergency essentials. You may run out of gas. You may get stranded. Your car could break down. Traffic could be stopped for hours. A canyon road could be completely shut down. If you found yourself stuck, with only the contents of your vehicle, how would you fare? Empty drink cups and fast food bags aren’t going to do you much good. Instead with a quick trip to your local grocery store you can assemble a quick kit of emergency supplies for your car - just in case.


Tire-change Accessories - most cars today come with a full-service tire changing station. Take an evening to make sure you know where the spare is located, how to use the jack and that you know how to change the tire by yourself. Don’t forget a flashlight and batteries in case it’s a midnight tire change!

Water - A gallon or two or a 6-pack of a bottled variety is absolutely essential. You don’t want to be trapped in the heat with nothing to drink!

Cell Phone Charger - You don’t want to bust a flat, run out of gas, or get lost in the middle of nowhere just to find out that your cell phone battery has died. Being able to call for help can prevent a lot of disasters.


Jumper Cables - You might use these for yourself, but more often than not you’ll be coming to the rescue of others. A dead battery is an easy fix if you’ve got these on hand. Just be sure you know how to use them.

First Aid Kit - It’s just common sense to have these in your car. Your kid could get hurt at a soccer game or you could scrape up your knee on a hike. Hopefully it will only be used for minor injuries, but it’s always better to have just in case.

Blankets - These are great for impromptu picnics, but even better for warmth and protection if you ever got stuck in cold, winter months. Throw in a jacket or too for good measure.

Toilet Paper - Just imagine being caught needing some and not having it. Yikes. But besides the obvious use, toilet paper can actually be very helpful. It can be used to mop up spills, signal for help, even treat injuries if necessary.


Non-Perishable Foods - granola bars, crackers or even an MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) if you’re hardcore. You might just need a quick snack to save your falling blood sugar in case, but it’s also a good idea to have emergency rations that could sustain you in the event of a serious problem. Don’t forget food for children or babies if you have them!

Flares - You will probably never need these, but especially if you’re going into the wilderness or somewhat deserted areas they are smart to have around. If you ever need to signal for help these are the best option.

Reflective Accessories - road cones, jackets, even reflective tape can be incredibly useful in making sure you are both seen and safe.

Start small, just grabbing a few items the next time you’re at the store. Slowly work your way up to an emergency car kit that will make you feel safe and prepared. 

Have any other ideas for what is essential in case of an emergency in your car? Share in the comments below.

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