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Increase Engine Power and Performance

America. The home of fast cars and freedom. Now that it’s mentioned, there is probably a connection between America’s love for fast cars and its love of freedom. Cars offer a very distinct form of freedom. A car gives people the ability to go anywhere at any time. Think about when you got your license as a teenager. That little piece of paper represented the ability to go places without having to have parents or friends tote you around.

That feeling of freedom can be increased when the top of convertible is down (or even just the windows). That feeling can be boosted even more when you open up on a back road and let your engine show all the power it has. Freedom and speed are a lot alike. If some is good, more is better.

Increasing engine power, performance, torque, and fuel efficiency can bring a sense of freedom and satisfaction that few things can. Since the introduction of the automobile, people have had essentially two avenues venture down in pursuit of greater engine power and performance. You could either learn how to do complicated upgrades and enhancements yourself. Or, you could pay someone to do complicated upgrades and enhancements for you. There is now an easier way. However, before we get to the future of boosting horsepower, let’s discuss three of the traditional methods of enhancing engine power, torque, and performance.

First, understand that an engine gets its power as fuel is combusted. The combustion process produces power that your engine harnesses and turns into horsepower and torque. That horsepower and torque turns into the ability of your vehicle to get up and go. Any method of improving engine power will come down to increasing the efficiency of the combustions process.

Add Cold Air Intake:

Adding cold air intake will lower the temperatures of air entering the engine and decrease restriction. This is a relatively easy change to make to car and the added air improves burn which can also enable more fuel to be burned. A cold air intake can boost power by up to 10 horsepower.

Change Exhaust System:

Changing an exhaust system can improve the efficiency of air leaving the system. The better the air leaves the better it can enter. This can increase engine performance in a way similar to how adding a cold air intake does. The principle is simple: Increasing oxygen levels allows a better burn. This can boost power by only a few horsepower.

Add a Turbocharger:

An expensive option, adding turbocharger can increase power but up to 50 horsepower. Turbochargers force air and fuel into the system faster than could occur naturally. Again, more oxygen equals better burn. Adding a turbocharger often means adding other upgrades to keep up with the boosted performance which can get expensive.

There are other ways to increase power and torque, but these 3 ways are common and combine an effective increase in power and ease. However, there is now an easier way to boost engine power by up to 11 HP and anyone can do it with no training.

Here Are The Steps:

Add 1 ounce of CleanBoost MAXX Fuel Supplement to every 30 gallons of fuel.

That’s it. Nothing more. Simply adding a tiny bit of Maxx Fuel Supplement will increase your torque and horsepower. Want more to go with the ease and boosted power of this method? You can also see up to 10% better fuel economy (mpg) when using Maxx fuel additive. Don’t believe it? Check out this video.

To improve your engine power, you are welcome to perform any of the three traditional methods mentioned in this article. You can even combine all three. Or, you can pick up some Maxx fuel supplement today. (Heck, want to go all out? Perform all three upgrades THEN add Maxx!)

CleanBoost Maxx Fuel Supplement by Boost Performance Products, making fast cars faster and freedom freedom.

P.S. Maxx fuel additive is great for gasoline and diesel fuel engines.

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