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You’re setting New Year’s Resolutions to make life better in 2017 (or you may be feeling guilty about NOT setting any!). You may be joining the legions of people vowing to lose weight or eat healthier.

Perhaps you’re finally going to write that great American mystery novel or learn Spanish or retile your bathroom. Or your goal may be as simple as flossing daily.

The types of goals and resolutions you can set are limitless… but have you thought about setting some 2017 resolutions for your car? You spend so much time in and relying on your vehicle, so it makes sense that you can set goals and resolutions to keep your car running in optimal condition, and make your life in your car a little bit better.

Today we’re sharing a few ideas for New Year’s Resolutions for your vehicle:

  1. A New One! As car resolutions go, this one is probably the most common. Maybe 2017 is the year you buy a new vehicle. Possibly your dream vehicle! How does that sound? It’s a great goal to set. It may mean research, saving, repairing your existing vehicle, selling your existing vehicle, and purchasing your new (dream) vehicle at the best possible price. Start by breaking down your plan into smaller goals and spacing them out throughout the year.
  2. Increase Your MPG. Often car owners think their fuel efficiency is predetermined by the make, model, and year of their car, but actually there’s a lot you can do to increase your fuel efficiency in 2017. Whether you want to be more environmentally friendly or simply spend less on gas, you can set goals to do it! Start with basic adjustments like driving slower, accelerating and braking more gradually, and avoiding stop-and-go traffic. Then add in things like regular oil changes, appropriate tires and tire pressure, and routine checks on your engine. Finally you can increase fuel efficiency by using a fuel additive in liquid or pill form that will help your car burn fuel more efficiently. Making the switch to a fuel additive in 2017 can save you hundreds of dollars and give you a healthier, more fuel efficient car.
  3. Upgrade Your Current Car. Set reasonable goals for making your vehicle more comfortable, modern, or appealing in 2017. If you’ve been wishing for a new audio system, set goals to purchase and install one! Maybe you will get new tires, window tinting, spoilers, speakers, fancy lighting, seat covers, or other luxurious additions. Make a list of repairs, additions, or upgrades you’d like to make and design a plan.
  4. Clean Regularly. A great goal for any car owner to set is to wash and clean their car more regularly. Get a car wash pass or invest in high quality car cleaning supplies. Set a regular time or date, weekly or monthly, to give your car a solid cleaning and keep it in tip-top shape.
2017 could be the best year yet for you - and your car!

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