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This week begins the final countdown to the much-awaited Christmas holidays! Saturday night will hopefully find us gathered around a dining table stocked with delicious food and our very favorite people. For some, this may mean long drives on Thursday, Friday, or even Saturday before Christmas Eve dinner can begin. Traveling for the holidays is part of the holiday tradition itself, and can often lend added stress and extra tasks to your holiday to-do list. Today we’re sharing some helpful tips on preparing for your holiday road trip, to keep you safe, happy, and on time to enjoy your Christmas festivities.

10 Tips For Your Holiday Road Trip

  1. Research the Drive. Even if you’ve made the trip a thousand times, it’s important to make sure you know what you’re getting into. Are there faster routes? What are alternate routes you could take in the event of a crash or closure?
  2. Clean Out Your Car. It’s going to be loaded up with family members, presents, and food. Take an hour or two to empty out your trunk, clear out trash, and vacuum if you can.
  3. Update Your Emergency Car Kit. Double check to see that you have first aid supplies, bandages, disinfectant, clean drinking water, nonperishable food, and some warm blankets or clothing. Just in case the worst happens!
  4. Check Your Tires. How is the tread? Are they wearing evenly? Are they inflated properly? Be sure they are in top condition before you embark on a potentially snowy or icy drive.
  5. Check Your Spare. Don’t forget the spare! What happens if you get a flat or blown tire? Is your spare in good condition? Do you have all the parts you’d need? Be prepared just in case.
  6. Wash & Protect Your Car. It can seem counterintuitive to wash your car during the winter season when it’s just going to snow or rain again. However, it’s important to remove the salt and grime from the exterior of your vehicle to prevent damage. Wash your car and then use a protective sealant to keep it colorful, bright, and protected against salty brine and grimy snow spray.
  7. Plan for Weather. Watch the forecast carefully and plan accordingly. If it’s going to snow or rain, leave much earlier than you think you need to. Consider using snow tires or a larger vehicle if the road conditions appear dangerous.
  8. Make a Holiday Road Trip Playlist! A fun way to make the drive more festive is to listen to your favorite holiday tunes on the way to your Christmas parties.
  9. Gas Up & Use a Fuel Additive. Rather than gassing up on your way, fill up with gas the day before or hours before you need to leave to cut down on stress. When you fill up, use a fuel additive to help your car burn fuel more efficiently.
  10. Get a Tune Up or Oil Change. If it’s been a while, your road trip is particular long, or you drive an older vehicle, it’s smart to get it looked at by an expert before you leave on a critical and potentially dangerous road trip. Don’t take any chances! Rest assured that your vehicle is in optimal shape before heading out, so you can fully enjoy your holidays without stress!

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