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At this time of year, people love to talk about, buy, and gift remote starters for vehicles due to the weather and temperature. More than ever it’s nice to have your car warmed up and toasty when you’re ready to head out for a commute or lots of errands on an icy morning.

Many cars are now coming with remote start standard, but people are still buying remote start options for their older vehicles or the basic models that don’t feature remote start. It’s important to know everything you can about remote start and the options it gives you, especially during these cold winter months.

At this time of year we also start to hear a lot of myths about remote start that are important to correct.

5 Remote Start Myths

  1. It’s extra wear on the engine. Actually, no! Some people have said that remote starting your vehicle is putting extra time and wear on your engine, but in reality it’s helpful to your vehicle to allow it to warm up a little before operation. Your oil will warm up and thin out, allowing it to better lubricate the engine for optimal performance. Using a high performance oil additive like CleanBoost Maxx along with warming up your car can greatly improve vehicle performance.
  2. It wastes gas. This one at least makes sense, since your car is running more than normal, but it’s still not true. In fact, allowing your engine to warm up means it isn’t working the overtime in the cold like when you hop in and start driving on a cold engine. Your engine can run better warm and therefore use less gas.
  3. “I park in the garage; I don’t need one.” This is a common reason for people to pass on remote start options, but unfortunately the times you need it the most will be the times you AREN’T parked in your garage. Like when you come out from a movie to find it has snowed a foot on top of your car, or while your car sits outside freezing all day while you’re at work.
  4. You can’t get remote start with manual transmission, keyless entry, or “chip” key vehicles. With today’s technology, all of those are myths! Basically every single car being driven on the roads today can use and benefit from a remote starter, regardless of how new, old, or the type of vehicle.
  5. It’s only cold for a few months. Yes, winter is the most popular time to use your remote start. But it can also benefit you in the hot months! You can remote start your car in the dead of summer to get your air conditioning flowing and the coolant surging through your engine to cool it down before it even starts! If you’ve ever climbed into the baking interior of a hot black vehicle you know how a remote start could help.
If you’re considering adding a remote starter but aren’t sure if it’s for you, do your research. You’ll find that everyone can benefit from adding a remote starter to their vehicle!

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