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For the most part, traffic and driving laws make sense. Slower speeding limits in school zones and neighborhoods with small children? Of course! Stop signs versus roundabouts are about minimizing collisions in intersections. New laws are generally being added to address the issues of phones and devices. Soon we may be seeing new laws regarding the use of self-driving cars and other technological advances.



But have you ever heard about a traffic law that simply makes no sense? You might get to wondering - how did THIS ever become a law? Why do we even need this? Check out some of these weird driving laws still on the books in the U.S. today.



1.    Certain types of birds have the right of way on roads here in Utah.



2.    If you pass a car in Rhode Island you are supposed to give some time of audible signal.



3.    Members of the Georgia State Assembly cannot get tickets while the Assembly is in session.



4.    Don’t even try to shoot a whale from your vehicle in Connecticut.



5.    In fact, forget about hunting at all from your car in Connecticut.



6.    Roller skaters are not allowed to skate on driving roads in Canton, Ohio.



7.    It’s illegal to run out of gas if you’re driving in Youngstown, Ohio.



8.    It’s against the law to honk the horn of another person’s car in University City, Missouri.



9.    In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho the police have to honk horns or flash lights for three minutes if they want to break up a romantic rendezvous.



10.  It is illegal to gather and eat roadkill in West Virginia. Thankfully.



11.  In Sag Harbor, New York it is illegal to get naked in your car. Not even to change!



12.  If you swear from a vehicle in Rockville, Maryland you can be charged with a misdemeanor.



13.  There’s a sound curfew for a restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas and honking your horn after 9:30 is against the law.



14.  Many tourist states experienced issues with drivers who drive too slowly, so it is enforced in Nevada, Hawaii, Alaska, and California.



15.  You can’t wear a housecoat and drive in California.



16.  For some reason Georgia needed a law to make it illegal to drive through playgrounds.



17.  If you’re going to jump from a car in Glendale, California you better be sure it’s going less than 65 mph or you’ll be breaking the law.



18.  If you screech and burn your tires in Derby, Kansas you can go to jail for a month!



19.  You can’t drive a car wearing a blindfold in Alabama, which is smart.



20.  If you spit from a car in Marietta, Georgia you can be fined.






It kind of makes you wonder what happened for these laws to be necessary, right? Thankfully most of the laws we know and use today are for safety and organization, so let’s just stick to them, ok? 

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