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According to a recent survey, 9/10 women are involved in the car decisions in their household. These decisions range from buying a new car to the routine maintenance required to keep a car running smoothly. There are many of those women who know almost everything there is to know about a car and what goes on under the hood. In fact, many of those women could undoubtedly put many of their male counterparts to shame when it comes to auto knowledge.

However, there are also many other women who don’t feel comfortable about their car knowledge. This can lead to being taken advantage of at auto shops, making poor maintenance decisions, or neglecting maintenance all together.

A proper knowledge of your car can give you the confidence to get good deals and, more importantly, keep your car running smoothly for as long as possible. Here is a simple car are checklist for women, though it can be used by anyone looking to understand cars better and keep their car running great.

  1. Create a preventative maintenance checklist

Get your fluids topped off regularly – have belts, hoses, and oil and tire pressure check regularly – make sure the lights work

  1. Check the engine air filter

Check your owner’s manual to see when you should change out the filter

  1. Check the oil and oil filter

Bad oil can do some serious damage to your car’s system. Keep the oil levels high and the oil clean

  1. Learn to check tire pressure and change a tire

Having a flat tire is never fun (but you can be prepared for emergencies with this guide). Learning to change a flat will save you from being stranded. Check your owner’s manual for the proper tire pressure for your car, buy a tire pressure gauge, and keep the tires properly pressurized

  1. Control gas efficiency (MPG)

Driving a prudent speed generally helps gas consumption. Acceleration and braking habits also impact your fuel economy. Tire pressure (see above) can also impact MPG. Use a fuel additive to clean your fuel system and maximize efficiency

  1. Clean wipers – Replace worn wipers

Wipers should be swapped regularly (as frequently as 6 months in places where they are used regularly. We’re looking at you Seattle.) Clean dirty wipers with a wet paper towel (when you fill up with gas is a great time)

  1. Stay calm in an emergency.

Be prepared and don’t panic. Get an emergency kit stocked and stored in your car.

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