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You want the very best for your vehicle. It does its job, gets you where you need to be, and takes care of your comfort and safety in travel. Of course you want to get anything and everything that will make your car the best possible vehicle on the road.  Auto body shops and stores will sometimes take advantage of this attitude. They will offer a wide range of services for your vehicle that can be tempting, especially to car owners who may not actually know that much about engines or car functions. Instead of going into an auto body shop ignorantly, walk in confidently, knowing exactly what your car needs.

The first, most important step is to make it a habit to take good care of your car from the very beginning. Keep it clean and repair any damage immediately. Don’t ignore weird noises or engine lights you don’t recognize. Monitor your fuel use, mileage, tire tread, and battery life carefully. Get regular oil changes and perform recommended manufacturer maintenance with diligence. If you are taking good care of your vehicle, then you will be able to confidently turn down the 3 following most common upsells you’ll hear.

  1. Engine “Sludge” Flush - You may hear that your engine has large amounts of buildup gathering within its chambers. It is true that dirt, oil, sludge and other gross deposits can possibly be left behind in your engine, but usually regular oil changes and tune-ups can keep your car from experiencing large amounts of sludge. Certain types of cars and engines can suffer from more significant sludge buildup, and an engine flush may be necessary after a certain amount of mileage has been attained, but check your owner’s manual or online auto forums for car owners of your same make and model to be sure. For most car owners the regular oil changes are plenty of maintenance to keep sludge at bay - a pricey Engine Flush is just a way to make a little more money off of you! If you are concerned with buildup, consider instead adding a high performance oil additive like CleanBoost EMT. These oil additives keep your engine lubricated and cool, decreasing friction and increasing engine power. They also decrease the amount of sludge and other buildup in your engine.
  2. Transmission Flush - likewise you may be counseled to get a transmission flush more frequently than is necessary. You need a transmission flush every 50,000 miles or so, to keep your gears shifting without friction or other problems. Keeping that oil and filter clean is critical, but you may not need a transmission flush every single time you do car maintenance. If you would like to protect your transmission, save money, and avoid pricey transmission flushes more frequently than is absolutely necessary then get a transmission fluid conditioner. Like a fuel or oil additive, these conditioners decrease friction and allow gears to shift more cleanly in your transmission box.
  3. Fuel Injection Repair/Cleaning - One big problem that can occur with engines is the deposit of extra chemicals that don’t burn off during fuel combustion. Those chemicals and substances get left behind and can cause trouble for your engine. Instead of paying for expensive fuel injection services, stop the problem before it starts! Get a quality fuel additive or supplement like Clean Boost Maxx and make an easy change by adding to your fuel regularly. The supplement actually bonds and changes your fuel to make it burn cleaner and more efficiently. Fewer chemicals are left behind and your engine will remain clean and safe for your auto use! 

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