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Taking care of your car can sometimes seem intimidating. You might have visions of yourself covered in grease, wedging yourself under your car or hunched over the engine, terrified that you’re doing something wrong or possibly seconds away from serious damage to yourself or your car. Isn’t it just easier to rely on a tune and lube or auto body shop to do the maintenance and care for you?

Sometimes. If your knowledge of your car is limited to popping the hood or jumping a dead battery, you may want to leave more intense maintenance to the professionals. More confident car owners may feel comfortable replacing batteries, belts, or oil.

But there are very simple ways to take care of your car whether you’re a novice or a car enthusiast. The easiest one is to begin using a fuel additive, and there are a variety of great benefits for both you and your car.

  1. Cleans Your Engine. Fuel additives are designed to run more cleanly in your engine, meaning it will prevent your fuel from leaving behind gunk or trace deposits in your engine. It can also help clear out existing buildup.
  2. Saves Money. A fuel additive helps your fuel cycle through your engine more completely and effectively. So instead of filling up your car with gas that is only getting partial combustion or is leaving some behind to gunk up your engine, you will actually use all of your expensive gas and not waste a single drop. Whether you choose a liquid or pill form, fuel additives are incredibly affordable. It may seem like an “extra” at first, but when you start to see how it saves you money at the pump and at the auto body shop, you’ll be happy to pay the tiny price for fuel additives.
  3. Better Fuel Efficiency. Along with saving you money at the pump, fuel additives will also help your engine to run more efficiently. Every single drop is being used and none are left behind. Every instance of combustion is burning more of your gasoline and all of the power will go to your engine. You can actually increase your MPG simply by using a fuel additive.
  4. Ease of Use. One of the best benefits of a fuel additive is how easy it is for you to improve the performance and care of your car, regardless of your expertise level. Either pill or liquid form, CleanBoost Maxx allows you to very quickly and easily add these compounds to your full tank for maximum performance.
Try a fuel additive for your car today!

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