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For most of America, right now we’re in the dog days of summer - the blistering heat that drives us indoors, cranking the air conditioner. If your car has leather seats then just forget about parking in direct sunlight, unless you want to fry sunny-side up! Don’t touch those seatbelt buckles and crack your windows when you can, because your car just turned in to a portable oven.

We haven’t even started on your engine yet. Your engine’s job is to make combustion explosions which generate power to move your wheels. The engine has potential enough to get hot on its own, so combining that with the rising temperatures of summer can prove disastrous for cars that are unprepared. If your car is old, or your engine unhealthy, summertime might be a big problem. Your engine can overheat and friction can increase. It is possible though to prevent heat damage in your engine.

Coolant - Make sure that your coolant/water reservoir is topped off. The mixture is pumped through tubes in the engine to absorb heat. The radiator cools the mixture with fans so it can be recirculated. If your coolant levels are low, not enough heat gets absorbed in the engine and you can dangerously overheat. If your car is used, very old or seems to be getting too hot you may need to get your radiator flushed at an auto shop to ensure that your engine’s temperature is safe. Any auto shop can quickly check your levels, or it is easy to do yourself!

Oil - Oil is also used to make sure that the engine’s friction and heat stays in check. Get an oil change and a quick checkup to make sure that the friction in your engine is at minimal levels. If any grinding or hard friction happens in the engine, serious damage and injury can occur. In summer’s heat your engine is even more reliant on safe oil levels. You can also use an oil additive like CleanBoost to lower the heat levels and increase the quality of the oil in your car for a very affordable price. Adding a little to your oil during those hot summer months can be an easy way to protect your car against the damage of heat and friction.

Battery - We usually hook in our batteries and forget about them until they die, but summertime is a good time to check on your battery. Heat can actually dissolve the acid in a battery. Check the levels in your battery (or have an expert do it for you) and keep any eye out for any gunk on the exterior of the battery.

Summertime doesn’t need to leave you or your car sweatin’ bullets. Through careful observation, a quick tune-up and a little preventative care you can ensure that your vehicle has what it takes to beat the heat. Don’t let your engine struggle under the heat of the sun and the pressure of added friction. Keep your car running cool and safe all summer long!


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