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Oil additives are growing in popularity, but so many drivers are unaware of the benefits that can come to them and their vehicles by using an oil additive. Oil additives come in a wide variety of forms and specialties, not to mention quality levels. You will certainly be able to find one which meets your needs, such as the CleanBoost® EMT™ oil additive for multipurpose use.

But first, you’re probably wondering why you should even consider using an oil additive. Let us tell you why:

  1. Heat. Is your engine frequently overheating? An oil additive can help the oil in your engine coat more evenly to reduce friction and overwork. This is essential in a hot climate and can be equally helpful in a cold climate as it helps your oil stay at the required viscosity in your engine, no matter the outside temperature.
  2. Grinding. Can you hear and feel friction in your engine? It may be because your oil is failing to do its job. An oil additive beefs up your oil in a major way, allowing it to thoroughly coat your entire engine and all the connecting pieces to decrease friction that can be dangerous. Of course, you should see a mechanic, but if it’s just an old and clunky car then an oil additive can help.
  3. Gunk. Is your engine old and dirty? Well, oil additives can clean it up! Oil additives can help break down congealed, old oil stuck in your engine to produce a cleaner working car. If you are inheriting an old vehicle, or you buy used and aren’t sure how well the previous owner cared for their vehicle – it’s a no-brainer to use an oil additive to clean it up.
  4. Extra Wear-and-Tear. If you are a heavy commuter or constantly on the go, an oil additive can help slow some of the damage that comes with the mileage. By keeping your oil clean and efficient, your engine will run easier no matter how many extra road trips you decide to take.
  5. Smoke-Free. We don’t mean cigarette smoke – if your engine periodically smokes or emits funky gases you may want to consider a high powered oil additive. The compound will blend with your oil and flush out any deposits that can burn and create smoke from your engine.
CleanBoost® EMT™

 Nearly everyone can benefit from an oil additive in their engine, so try CleanBoost EMT right away and watch your car problems disappear!

CleanBoost® EMT™

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