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Cars can comprise a large and unexpected portion of our budgets. Repairs and oil changes seem to hit us when we least expect it. We can also be surprised at how much the regular maintenance of fuel and car washes can cost us over months and a full year. While our cars are critical parts of our everyday lives, we also want to keep our spending moderate and reasonable. Being able to cut down on our auto costs can make our cars even more satisfying for us. Today we’re sharing 5 ways to save money in your auto budget this year.

5 Ways to Save Money in Your Auto Budget in 2018

  1. Schedule Regular Oil Changes – you may think that oil changes are expensive and unnecessary, but they actually save you money in the long run because they catch problems before they blow up and keep your engine clean. Schedule them every few months and stick to it.
  2. Tire Maintenance – blowing a tire is one of the top unexpected expenses, and can be dangerous. Save money by keeping your tires properly inflated, patching leaks quickly, and rotating on a schedule.
  3. Sell/Buy – if you really want to save money on your auto budget in 2018, you may need to consider selling your vehicle and buying another. You could be paying too much for your current vehicle, or it might cost too much in terms of maintenance and gas. Exchanging for a smaller, lower maintenance, or more fuel efficient vehicle could make a big difference in your auto budget in 2018.
  4. Fuel Additive – using a fuel additive is an affordable way to impact your auto budget. For just a few dollars you can save much more than that at the pump, because you’ll be filling up much less frequently. You can try CleanBoost Maxx and see how much cleaners and more efficient your car runs and notice the extra miles between trips to the pump.
  5. Learn Basic Maintenance – learn how to thoroughly wash and detail your car and you can save hundreds on car cleaning this year. Top off your own fluids, replace wiper blades, replace air filters, and even learn to perform your own oil changes and you can save serious dollars this year on basic maintenance all while learning more about your car.

We hope that 2018 is your best year yet for auto care and saving money!

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