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We spend so much of our time in our car. It’s basically a home away from home. Day in and day out you spend time driving, sitting, snacking, talking, and singing along to the radio. It transports us, but also all of our equipment and cargo. If you have kids, well… then your backseat might also look like a daycare. Our poor cars take a lot of beating from us as we drop trash, spill food and drink, and expose the interior to the elements. How can you better protect your car? We’re sharing 5 easy ways today.
  1. Park Smart. It seems simple, but often we don’t think about it. By parking in the shade or covered parking you can prevent the damage that comes from direct sunlight. It might be a walk but if you can avoid sun damage or tracking in rain & snow it will help your car’s interior.
  2. Hardcore Rules. The best way to protect your car is just to make unbreakable rules about what comes into the car. No food or snacks can come in - period. If you’re really serious, you’ll ban every drink except water as well. Food and drink is one of the most damaging things to happen to your interior and lower the quality of your vehicle.,/li>
  3. Seat Covers. Investing in quality seat covers can make a big difference. They will protect your seat from sun damage, but also from any mud or dirt you track in. If you have kids, seat covers are the first line of defense against spills and crumbs. Get a seat cover that can be removed and thrown in the wash for extras help.,/li>
  4. Wipe & Condition Regularly. Use a microfiber cloth to regularly wipe down the surfaces and seats of your vehicle. Often dirt and dust can accumulate and scratch your interiors, even if it doesn’t look particularly dirty. Condition leather seats and surfaces regularly. You can even use a high quality interior protectant spray from Boost Performance products.
  5. Vacuum Regularly. Grime buildup is slow, so you may not even realize how much junk is accumulating on your floors and seats. Set a regular time for cleaning your car each week or at least once a month to help protect the interior of your car.
It’s never too late to start protecting your vehicle. Not only will it keep it more clean and beautiful, but it will also increase the life and resale value of your car. Take a few of these steps to take your car to the next level.

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