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Getting better fuel economy is a win-win. First, when you get better fuel economy you are being friendly to the environment (and if that doesn’t matter to you, you can at least use it to keep your “green” friends quiet). Second, boosting your gas mileage means you don’t need to stop at the gas station as frequently which means you spend less money on fuel. To boost fuel economy, you can buy a new car, make some modifications to your ride, or take these simple steps. (You could also do all 3 if you are willing to go all out!).

Many of the following tips come from the government, so you know they are good… but really though, these are some good tips ;)

  1.       Drive sensibly

Chill out on the gas pedal, guys. Aggressive driving (speeding, rapid acceleration and braking) is not friendly to your gas mileage (mpg). When you drive smoothly and the speed limit you can boost fuel economy by up to 10%. That is like saving between $.07-$.23 per gallon

  1.       As noted above, drive the speed limit

Most vehicles take significant MPG hit at about 50 mph and faster.

      3.    Avoid carrying things on the roof of your car

  •     You look like doofus
  •   Hauling cargo on your roof increases drag (wind resistance)

Having cargo on top of your car can decrease fuel economy by up to 25% depending on the speeds you are driving. Use a rear mount cargo box if needed, as these decrease fuel economy much less

  1.       Remove excess weight

You haven’t been golfing for 3 months. Take your clubs out of your car. Remove all other items that can be weighing you down (no ladies, that doesn’t mean you can throw him out of the car).

  1.       Use cruise control

This will help you avoid having to accelerate too often.

To recap, don’t drive like a maniac, don’t carry things on your roof (especially people), remove heavy objects (again, not people), and use cruise control.

Stay tuned for more tips about boosting fuel economy in your car (spoiler alert, it has to do with keeping your car properly tuned. Also, since we, ya know, sell a product that boosts gas mileage we may mention that in the next article too).

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