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As the weather warms up we are all looking forward to what it will bring. For most of us it will mean more time outdoors - whether we’re camping, road tripping, sport spectating, or just playing at the park. If you have a pet this can be even more fun! Taking your pet along for the ride makes everything better. Well, as long as taking your pet doesn’t mean more work, hassle, and cleaning for you, right? Today we’re sharing some of our favorite pet accessories for the car, making your trips to the park or this summer’s cross-country road trip even more fun!

5 Best Pet Car Accessories

  1. Seat Covers. Animals shed. They just do. Protect your car from extra hair and dander by placing seat covers on your seats before a trip with your pets. They can easily be thrown in the washer or removed at the end of the trip.
  2. Partition. If you want to place your dog in the backseat or trunk, but don’t want them all over the entire area, you might consider getting a pet partition. A partition will section off part of your vehicle for your pet, so a smaller area can be used to keep them safe and keep your car clean.
  3. Ramp. If you drive a large SUV or truck, you may be several feet off the ground. Helping your dog get up and down from the vehicle can be tricky, especially if they are large. There are various collapsible ramps out there that make the road trip process a little easier for your best friend.
  4. Seat Belt/Harness. Restraining your small pet while driving is important, because often they will try to jump into the front seat to be with you. You also want them to be restrained and safe in the event of an accident. A car seat belt clip or harness can keep them on the back seat of your choice.
  5. Car Seat. Yes - there is such a thing as a pet car seat! These seats are like boxes, but soft and comfortable for your pet. They will strap in with the car seat belt, and often have a clip to hold your pet in place. These are excellent choices for long road trips since they allow your pet to snooze and feel safely enclosed.
Traveling with pets can be so fun and rewarding, and being able to experience your vacations and memories with them is all worth it. Just invest in a few pieces to make life a little easier. Your pet - and your car - will thank you!

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