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There’s just something about revving an engine, isn’t there? The speed, the control, the power. From the tiniest age, children play with cars and trucks on the living room floor, motor around the block in miniature versions of dump trucks and Barbie jeeps, and live for the day they get a driver’s license.

Driving is a symbol of independence and power. Hitting the gas and zooming off can be a great and liberating. The access to power is very exciting. That’s why the idea of increasing power in your car can be so alluring. If you are able to boost the power of your engine so that VROOM VROOM is even louder - of course you would, right?

Boosting the horsepower of your engine is not only possible, but also a great move for any type of driver. More horsepower means more speed, better towing capability, greater fuel efficiency and more powerful acceleration. Most people just accept the horsepower naturally occurring with their engine. If you wanted to increase horsepower it meant complicated and expensive upgrades to your car. Not anymore. Now you can do a few easy and impressive upgrades to boost your engine and increase horsepower.

Change your Exhaust:

This can not only improve the cleanliness of the air leaving your engine, but also keep the air inside your engine pure. Clean air means fewer impurities which means a more efficiently running engine. Oxygenation is required for combustion in the engine, and allowing more oxygen into the engine allows for a cleaner ignition of fuel.

Cold Air Intake:

Your engine runs less efficiently when it’s hot. Adding a cold air intake allows your engine to cool off periodically. It’s a very easy change to make to your engine, and can actually make your car safer. The fuel will burn more cleanly to increase horsepower and fuel efficiency.


A more expensive option, you could install a turbocharger for your engine. It forces fuel and air in much faster than your engine normally would, which means better oxygenation and faster ignition in the engine. You can get up to 50+ horsepower added to your engine, which is impressive. This can include regular checks, replacements and service, though, so the cost can be significant.

Finally, your best and cheapest option…

Fuel Additives

Fuel additives are chemical compounds that are proven to enhance your fuel for cleaner burn and safer combustion. They keep your engine clean and free from impurities, while also decreasing friction. Fuel additives are incredibly simple to implement - buy (they’re affordable) and then pour into your fuel tank. For as little as 1 ounce for every 30 gallons you can improve your fuel efficiency and boost engine power. It’s that easy.

Maxx Fuel Supplement

Requires no inconvenient service appointments, high fees for parts and labor, or complicated upkeep. Simply add 1 ounce to your tank and enjoy up to 11 more horsepower from your engine, not to mention better fuel efficiency, acceleration, speed and towing strength, if that’s your thing. Try it today and enjoy that feeling of power and independence as you step on that pedal and zoom away!

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