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Summer and fall are the absolutely best times to take a scenic drive or epic road trip. The weather is most likely to cooperate, the sights are in prime condition to be seen, and you may be in the best position to take a few days’ break from real life to escape. Today we’re sharing a few of our favorite summer or fall drives around America to inspire your road trip or day adventure before the weather turns too cold.

1. Red Rock Scenic Byway, Sedona Arizona. This drive is short but absolutely incredible. The red rock formations and spanning desert views make this a popular drive. The added bonus is that it can actually be a year-round drive due to Arizona’s hot and sunny climate. 

2. California’s Highway 1, Big Sur. You can see the gorgeous ocean views, redwoods, rolling hills, rocky cliffs, and plenty of wildlife. You may even see seals, condors, or whales depending on the time of year. 

3. San Juan Skyway in Colorado. In 200+ miles you can encounter some of the country’s tallest peaks, old mining towns, hot springs, and even ancient Native American dwellings. Especially beautiful as summer transitions to fall!

4. Florida Keys Scenic Highway. For major vacation vibes, cruise along this breezy highway. You can marvel in the blues and greens of the Florida Keys and take a pit stop for some swimming or boating.

5. Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive. Choose this drive if you want a good balance of urban and nature views. You can enjoy Lake Michigan and Navy Pier, and turn around to see some of the tallest skyscrapers in America. There’s plenty to see and do on this day drive.

6. St Charles Avenue, New Orleans Louisiana. This drive will transport you to another time. It features beautiful trees and flowers, restored southern mansions, and the perfect business district to stop for a refreshing mint julep.

7. The Strip aka Las Vegas Boulevard. As one of the most recognizable and epic streets in America, this one does not disappoint. A slow cruise or even walk through the strip feels like a worldwide journey as you see a mini Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, many roller coasters and rides, castles, and a great pyramid!

8. Kancamagus Scenic Byway in New Hampshire. Waterfalls, rolling hills, and the most stunning fall foliage you could ever hope to see are best paired with a warm mug of your favorite fall beverage.

9. Washington’s Chinook Scenic Byway. The mountain views are spectacular, especially the featured Mount Rainier. Rivers, wildlife, and more are yours to behold - but go before winter since it closes due to rain and snow.

10. Centennial Scenic Byway, Wyoming. This drive through Grand Teton National Park simply can’t be beat. Late fall is the best time to catch elk herds and beautiful foliage.

We still have several months of great driving weather, so how will you spend them? Give one of these epic drives a try! 

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