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One of the most common questions we take from interested car owners is “Do I need a fuel additive? What can it do for my car?” There is the assumption that fuel additives are only for a certain type of car owner, or a specific type of vehicle. People are interested in fuel additives but may think that it won’t work for them. Today we’re sharing all of the benefits of fuel additives, and every type of car or driver who might use them.

What are Fuel Additives?

Fuel additives are chemical compounds design to help fuel burn more efficiently in an engine. The fuel additive combines with the fuel and allows the combustion to burn all of the fuel. Less fuel is left behind in deposits which will gunk up the engine and cause buildup and friction. In turn, every drop of fuel is utilized, none goes uncombusted or left behind in messy deposits.

There are fuel pills as well as liquid fuel additives. Each can be added to a full tank of gasoline after filling up, and it really just comes down to owner preference. Fuel pills are easier to transport and use on the go, while the gallons of liquid additive can be less expensive and last longer.

Does Your Car Need a Fuel Additive?

If you are totally happy with the gas mileage you’re receiving, and you’re not interested in boosting performance or increasing your fuel efficiency… then no. But if you’ve been wondering if there’s a way to make your current car a little more effective, efficient, longer lasting, and overall better? A fuel additive is exactly the way to go.

Fuel additives work especially well with vehicles that have high weekly mileage (commuters, travel vehicles, etc.), hardworking engines (like trucks, hauling vehicles, or buses), or older cars that may have engines with high levels of buildup. Often we have customers with older cars that lack modern fuel efficiency. They love those cars and don’t want to upgrade if they can help it – but we can step in with a solution. Fuel additives can clean up their engine and give them better miles-to-the-gallon fuel efficiency that will make their beloved car more modern and effective.

CleanBoost Maxx

We can offer a variety of fuel additives for your car, truck, or other vehicles, as well as a wide range of products that can make your driving experience much more fun. We believe in treating our vehicles with respect and care because it makes them operate better and last longer. Start with our products and see what change they can bring to your drive. 

Want to start trying a fuel additive in your car, truck or other vehicle? Shop our intensive inventory of fuel additives today! 

Want to start trying a fuel additive in your car, truck or other vehicle? Shop our intensive inventory of fuel additives today! 

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