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Auto repair can be very expensive, and you may find yourself balking at a potential maintenance or repair bill. Learning the ins and outs of your vehicle is always valuable, and we recommend it to every car owner. But are there some DIY projects that you actually SHOULDN’T do yourself? Yes. There are a long list of tasks that are much cheaper to do yourself, and can easily be managed by even the most incompetent car owners. But there are many projects which are better left to the professionals. 

Five Signs You Should NOT Do-It-Yourself

  1. You’ve never read the owner’s manual. If you aren’t already intimately familiar with your car and how it works, it’s probably not the best time for you to embark on a maintenance or repair job. Take some time to read the manual and maybe get a brief orientation lesson from a mechanic first before considering a DIY job.
  2. The check engine light is on. If it has gotten to a point where the check engine light is indicating an issue, it’s most likely beyond your amateur skills to fix. Diagnosis will be critical, and if you aren’t completely sure of the issue and every piece it might touch, it’s just safer to take it to a mechanic.
  3. It’s the transmission. Did you know a grain of sand has the potential to wreck your engine? Improper cleaning of your transmission could destroy your car, so if it’s the transmission you’re dealing with then you simply cannot take the risk. Taking it to a mechanic will ensure that the issue is remedied and protected.
  4. You would have to do it alone. If you don’t have a handy car enthusiast you can trust to walk you through it, things could go south in a hurry. If you would have to do the maintenance or repair completely by yourself and you’ve never done it before… it’s probably best that you find someone knowledgeable to help you or just take it to a mechanic.
  5. Your sole aim is to save money. Unfortunately, a lot of the failed repairs we see were because someone didn’t want to pay the price tag at a mechanic, but they end up paying much, much more to remedy mistakes they made doing it themselves. If price is an issue, call around for quotes and then ask if any friends or family know enough to help you. But definitely don’t undertake a daunting task yourself when the end result could just be many more dollars.

If it’s wiper blades, coolantfilters, or even an oil change – you can totally do-it-yourself. When it gets more serious – call the experts. 

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