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At Boost Performance Products we are passionate about our vehicles. We want them to operate efficiently, maximize performance, and increase the life and function of our favorite engine. We like to know how our engines work and how to keep them running. We aren’t the type to just take our vehicles for granted. And we don’t just mean the cars we drive to work!

Boost Performance Products loves engines and vehicles of all types. We are well-versed in pretty much anything with wheels, and we’d love to take them for a spin. From cars to trucks to semitrucks to race cars to off-roading vehicles to lawnmowers to farm tractors… we’ve seen, and driven, it all. We think that every engine is worth driving, and every engine deserves the best possible care.

Fuel additives are one way we love to care for our vehicles. Fuel additives help your vehicles run more efficiently in a few different ways. First, fuel additives help the fuel combust more completely. This means less fuel is left behind, or wasted. You’ll buy less gas and get more power. Second, fuel additives helps the fuel bind and stick together better, so it doesn’t leave trace amounts of gunk or grime along the path of your engine. This reduces friction and allows your engine to generate more power and remain cleaner over time. It’s a younger, healthier engine.

The highest usage of fuel additives are in high efficiency or high end cars, and racing vehicles. However, fuel additives have the same positive effect for any type of engine using traditional fuels. You can benefit from fuel additives in your minivan, your high-powered truck towing a boat, or your old beloved ATV at the cabin. Fuel additives will help any engine to reach it’s full potential, while also undoing years of neglect or buildup.

Fuel additives are particular useful for older engines, or vehicles that have been pre-owned. No matter how poorly maintained, you can improve the engine starting today – simply by using a fuel additive the next time you fill that tank up with gas. There are liquid and pill forms of highly effective fuel additives which you can use in your car, truck, off-road vehicles, boats, tractors, or any other vehicle on which you depend for a fast and reliable ride.

CleanBoost Maxx is a carefully designed formula that is affordable and effective for your engine needs. Reduce friction, increase fuel efficiency, promote engine torque, and clean up any existing grime with a short and affordable step – CleanBoost Maxx fuel additives. 

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