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How many times have you gone to offer a friend a ride, just to realize that you’re embarrassed about the state of your car? Or you’re looking for a lost credit card and find it swimming in old water bottles in the back seat? Most people would like their car to stay just a little bit cleaner. 

The good news is that you don’t actually need unlimited funds or entire Saturdays to keep your car looking clean. We’ve got 10 life hacks that can help you keep your car looking clean and fresh no matter how much free time you have (or don’t have). 

Life Hacks for a Cleaner Car

  1. Trash with Gas. Every time you gas up your car take a minute to round up all the straw wrappers, empty water bottles, and fast food bags that you may have accumulated and trash them!.
  2. Window Wipe. While you’re at it, take that gas time to use the window wipers to attack your windshield and other windows on your car. It makes a difference!
  3. Command Hook Garbage Bag. Stick a damage-free command hook somewhere in your car (along the side of the center console, under the glove box, etc) and hang a small garbage bag from it.
  4. Baby Wipes. Keep a pack of baby wipes under your seat and use them to wipe down spills as soon as they happen. Baby wipes are perfect for leather and other smooth surfaces.
  5. Towels. Keep an old beach towel or even a blanket in your trunk, and pull it out anytime you find yourself needing to drive dirty - like after the beach or a muddy hike.
  6. Muffin Liners. Stick muffin/cupcake liners in the cupholders of your car. They’ll minimize spill cleanup and are cheap and easy to replace.
  7. Protective Sprays. Use a protective spray for your interior, even for the wheels and windshield. This will fight stains and repel moisture for a cleaner car.
  8. Wash Day. Pick a wash day and try to stick to it. Whether you prefer to wash your car yourself, with a power washer, or a full-service car wash, just pick a day like the first Saturday of the month and get it cleaned.<
  9. Air Fresheners. Now this doesn’t technically clean your car, but it can instantly make it seem more clean and fresh. Buy a big pack and store it in your trunk or glove box.
  10. Liners. Buying seat liners or car mats can make your cleaning much faster and easier. Swapping them out means an instantly clean car underneath if you’re in a pinch.

Pick a few of these life hacks to try this week to keep your car just a little bit cleaner and to make life that much easier as you drive around town.

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