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Keeping your car clean is a constant undertaking, a task that will never be complete. Your car may be completely clean for an hour or two, but as you drive and live in it the cleanliness fades.

However, having the right tools can help you more easily maintain that excellent clean car feel. Here are a few of our favorite tools to keep on hand that help your car stay cleaner, longer.

Clean Car Tools 

  • Trash: There are a lot of different options for trash, so find one that works for you. Some people like to mount a plastic hook on the inner wall of the center console and hang a plastic bag. Others get the plastic cereal container/dispensers and add a plastic garbage bag liner, then tuck it under the seat.
  • Foam Paint Brush: A small foam paint brush is a surprise tool for your cleaning arsenal. Foam brushes can get into the vents and into cracks and seams. Foam brushes can soak up spilled drinks or clear out dust in just a swipe.
  • Clear Nail Polish: It might surprise you, but clear nail polish is an essential for any car owner. If you get a chip in your windshield, a small tear in your upholstery, or a gash in the interior surface then a few brushes with clear nail polish can keep the damage from spreading.
  • Squeegee: Sure, you may use them for your windshield, but did you know you can also use it on your seats to remove hair and other clingy debris? Just spray with a little water and start squeegee-ing!
  • Baby Wipes: If you have kids, you may already be stocking wipes in your vehicle. They do so much more than change dirty diapers, though! You can use them to wipe seats, your dashboard, and even clean your windows.
  • Essential Oils: Sometimes you realize your fish sandwich got left in your car overnight and you’re driving carpool. A few drops of essential oils that smell great are the rapid recovery you need. A few drops into your vent or onto a baby wipe tucked under a smelly seat can significantly improve the smell of your vehicle in a hurry! Lemon, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and others are popular smells that come in tiny bottles – easy to stash in a center console.

Buy and try a few of these easy and inexpensive items to see what difference it could make for your car’s overall cleanliness. 

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