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There are some serious expenses that can come with owning a car. One of the most obvious (and recurring) is filling the tank with fuel.

This is why it can save you a significant amount of money if you can boost fuel economy – even just a little. A tiny boost in your fuel economy can add up over time, a pennies saved here and there add up to dollars pretty quickly.

There are a lot of rumors, myths, and junk advice floating around on how to increase MPG, but we are here to give you some ideas that actually work to save fuel – and therefore save money. Some tips to increase fuel efficiency involve tweaking your ride, getting new parts, and installing upgrades. Those changes work, but can take time.

Here are some ideas you can use today to start saving money and fuel.

(Side note, Benjamin Jones at Popular Mechanics has used some of these tips to boost his fuel economy from 30 mpg to over 50 mpg!)

1. Track Fuel Consumption and MPG in Real Time

Most modern cars have a feature that allows you to see how many mpg you are getting at any moment. Use this to help you drive more fuel friendly. For cars built after 1995, you can buy a fuel-economy computer like Scangauge to get the info you need. There are also options out there for older cars too (like vacuum gauges)

2. Avoid Breaking

Ok you can break if you are going to crash. Other than that though, try to avoid using your breaks. Try coasting to a stop (or mostly stop – then use your breaks). Definitely avoid slamming on your breaks.

3. Stay Alert

To use tip 2, you have to know what is going on around you. Be alert to your surrounding and drive smartly. This will help you boost fuel economy.

4. Drive Like a Biker

Not a biker as in motorcycle, I mean like a bicyclist. You don’t have to drive 20 mpg or act like you own the road like cyclists, but think of how it is to ride a bike. It is tough to go up hills. This extra work drains mpg in your car. Ease up a bit up hill and use downhill momentum to catch back up.

5. Pump Your Tires

Yes, this can really make a difference. The manufacturer recommended psi on your tires is usually optimized for smooth ride – not mpg. Inflate tires to the max recommendation and you will get better fuel efficiency. Also, don’t just do it once and forget about it. Keep your tires inflated to that point.

These are some pretty simple solutions for boosting fuel economy. You can implement these types of ideas starting today. Remember, we also recommend a simple fuel additive like CleanBoost Maxx. Maxx improves the efficiency of the fuel you have in your tank so your engine gets the most out of it. This increase fuel economy and mpg and also decreases emissions. You win. Your wallet wins. We all win.

If you have other fuel economy tips leave ‘em in the comments below!

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