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The weather may be teasing us, but warmer weather really is on its way! You can never count out another freak snow storm, of course, but for the most part the temperatures are rising and the sun is shining. It’s time to start thinking about your warm weather plans - and the vehicle that will take you to them! Warm weather doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal for your vehicle as the cold seasons. For winter you have to deal with snow tires and four-wheel-drive and lots of precipitation. Warm weather isn’t as hard to prepare for, but it’s still important for the life and well-being of your car, so listen up for our favorite ways to prepare and protect your car as warmer weather approaches!
  1. Have your AC charged. You don’t want to wait until the first hot day to realize that your car cannot blow cool air!
  2. Change your air filters. They’ve been filtering out lots of inversion grime all winter, and they’re cheap and easy to replace.
  3. Check your tire tread. Hot asphalt is not kind to tires with thin tread - they’re more likely to rupture so replace tires that are old and worn.
  4. Coolant Care. Coolant will keep your engine from overheating on those extra-hot days, so be sure your radiator is in good condition with plenty of coolant.
  5. Buy a Windshield Reflector. If you live in a very hot climate, or if you have leather seats, you know that the inside of your car becomes an oven. A windshield reflector can prevent the interior of your car from overheating.
  6. Emergency Water. Hopefully you never break down, but if you do you should definitely have some backup water to stay hydrated in the heat. Keep a few bottles in your trunk just in case.
  7. Avoid Melting. Take melt-able objects out of your car. This could include chapsticks, makeup, crayons, and some toys. If you do need to store these in your car - place them in a plastic baggie just in case.
  8. Oil Change. Even if you aren’t due for an oil change, it’s helpful to keep your engine running without friction so it is less likely to overheat.
  9. Protect Your Seats. Store some extra towels or cheap tablecloths in your car for when you are traveling home from the beach, lake, or pool so that your seats don’t get dirty after warm weather activities.
  10. Air Fresheners. It’s just a fact: we get sweaty in hot weather. Keep your car smelling fresh with regular air freshener changes.
Prepare now for that beautiful warm weather on the way so your car can be heaven - and not hot as hell!

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