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Taking a killer road trip is a right of American passage. Loading up the old station wagon for a cross-country trip is the stuff of legend and country folk songs. Many a childhood was shaped by sandwiches in the backseat while the car drove miles and miles on the interstate. Seeing landmarks, visiting amusement parks and eating at all-American drive-ins makes for a pretty amazing road trip. Whether you’re a college student driving to a once-in-a-lifetime concert with your roommates or a family of five driving to a family reunion in your hometown - a road trip is a great way to see something amazing and travel in the comfort of your own vehicle.

The Ultimate Road Trip Prep

Step 1 - Plan it Out

Do the research. Where are you going? What are the different routes you can take? What landmarks, amusement parks or attractions are on the the way to your destination - and could you spare some time to see them? What is important to your traveling posse? Map out your drive, leave room for some flexibility and lay out a plan that will work for you.

Step 2 - Get a Check-Up

Your car, that is. Swing by your local shop or a Jiffy Lube to make sure that your car is in tip-top shape! Top off your fluids, change the filters and give it a little love at a car wash. Sure, the car might get trashed or dirty in the course of your road trip but starting off with a clean, healthy vehicle will be much more comfortable for your journey. Make sure you take off with a clean bill of health for your car.

Step 3 - Hit the Supermarket

Load up! Shop a variety of snacks - sweet and savory, healthy and junk. Prepackaged servings are the most convenient for on-the-road backseat snacks. A cooler of drinks, fruit and string cheese may take up some space but ultimately will be worth it. Grab some essentials too - ziploc bags, garbage bags, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes, car phone chargers, bring backup batteries for any handheld technology, and even toilet paper… just in case. Having a fully stocked car will make your roadtrip much more enjoyable.

Step 4 - Maximize Fuel Efficiency

A roadtrip is going to put more miles on your vehicle than you probably planned on. If you have a big family then you probably have a bigger vehicle, and the MPG may seem a little scary. You’ll be feeling that pain every single day at the gas station when you’re on a road trip. But no matter the vehicle you CAN experience better fuel efficiency. Sometimes you feel like your vehicle’s fuel efficiency is stuck - set in stone. But it isn’t! You can boost your fuel efficiency very effectively, and easily. And on a road trip where you’re filling that tank sometimes 2-3 times a day - fuel efficiency matters. Improving fuel efficiency can save you hundreds of dollars on a long road trip. How, you ask? Simply add a little bit of of fuel additive to your tank every time you fuel up! Boost Performance Products make amazing fuel additives which help your engine run more cleanly and even make your fuel last longer. Buy a bottle, use it every time you fill up and enjoy more MPG and greater fuel efficiency. Buy some souvenirs with your fuel savings and have the best road trip ever!

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