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Your car is an extension of your home - do you see it that way? It’s your safe place, your comfort zone, your tool for living life outside the walls of of your house. Your car gets you where you need to go, carries your goods and cargo around, and can even be an expression of your style and personality. That’s why people go so far as to actually NAME their cars - it seems silly, but they actually become important players in our everyday lives. What does your car say about you? Have you done anything to make your car your own? Many people live half their lives in their cars, but they don’t take any time or effort to make that car their own. It’s not difficult, and it can make your life in the car even better.

You don’t need to invest in pricey after-market upgrades or expensive car accessories to make it your own. There are plenty of easy, do-it-yourself projects that are cheap and easy for any level of experience, and will make your car a little more homey and comfortable!

  1. Steering Wheel Cover - You spend nearly every second with your hands on that wheel! Why not make it more fun? With a few feet of your favorite fabric in a fun design or great texture you can express your style and protect your steering wheel. Simply cut, sew in an elastic band, then stretch over your wheel for a quick update.
  2. Trash Bag Holder - You know how trash always seems to accumulate in your car? This is a way to wrangle that trash without having a loose bag spilling every time you take a turn. First, mount a plastic hook to the side of your center console. Then find a good gift bag - yes, a gift bag. The handles will hang perfectly from the hook, and then you can use a disposable plastic garbage bag to line it for quick disposal.
  3. Homemade Air Freshener - If you prefer a more natural approach to car scents, and don’t want wasteful disposable fresheners you can make your own! Choose a heavy-duty fabric like felt, and cut it to whatever shape you choose. Punch a hole in the top and thread a loop through so you can hang it from your rearview mirror. Then use your favorite essential oil to make your car smell amazing! Reapply as needed.
  4. License Plate Cover - You may already have a license plate cover, or you can purchase a plain one for a dollar or two at your auto supply store. Using a glue gun you can add anything you like to that cover! Jewels, small toys, letters, anything you can think of!
  5. Organizer - Whether you need to store change, snacks, chargers, or anything else you might need in your car, you can create an organizer that fits perfectly in your center console, under your seat, or neatly between seats. Simply use any type of cardboard box, shoebox, cereal box, or whatever you have on hand. Create and tape in dividers by cutting up other boxes or sturdy folders. Then cover the entire thing in a pretty wrapping paper or fabric!

Show your car some love and make it a little more useful for you - craft up something fun this week!

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