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Heading to the pump can be overwhelming for a variety of reasons. First you may be unsure of the gasoline options you have. Most people just buy the unleaded, cheapest option and don’t think much of the premium gas options. Unless your car is designed to use premium fuel, you may pay it no mind at all. Fill up with the cheapest option and avoid confusion. Another overwhelming moment at the pump is watching to see when those numbers stop ticking upward.  Filling up at the pump can be stressful when you aren’t sure how much it will end up costing you, or wondering if you could be paying less for gas. Is your car running efficiently? Are you logging enough miles per gallon between each trip to the pump? Is there any way to increase your fuel efficiency?


First it’s important to understand the different fuel grades. The octane rating reflects the fuel’s ability to resist early ignition, pinging, or knocking inside your engine. Premium fuel contains a higher octane rating. This means it will burn more efficiently in your engine and result in fewer trips to the pump. This is why premium fuel costs more - it’s worth more! It’s better for your engine, more fuel efficient, and an effective choice for helping your car run a little more smoothly.


Most luxury car manufacturers recommend premium fuel for their vehicles. They are designed to run a little more cleanly and efficiently than your average vehicle. But does it matter if you actually put the premium fuel in your luxury vehicle?


Many car owners choose the cheapest version of fuel, even when their car manufacturer recommends premium fuel. They feel it will save them money over time. Twenty to forty cents per gallon can make a very big difference when it comes to filling up with gasoline a few times a month. The problem is that the lower octane level can negatively impact the luxury engine. Every time you use fuel that is a lower octane than is designated for your vehicle, you may notice knocking or pinging. It isn’t entirely dangerous - it doesn’t mean your engine is going to explode or light on fire.


But it can be damaging to your engine. Every single knock or ping is an alert that your engine is failing to burn all of your fuel. Every knock or ping is dollar bills not going to use. It’s fuel residue sticking in your engine, causing deposits and friction that prematurely ages and damages your luxury engine.


As much as you possibly can, you need to use the premium fuel recommended by your luxury car manufacturer. This will ensure that you protect your engine for a long and healthy life of your vehicle. You will increase your fuel efficiency and gas mileage, and allow your engine to run as clean as possible. Your car will stay in luxury condition for much longer if you can make the investment in premium fuel rather than low octane.




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