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Preparing your car for each season is a healthy and responsible habit of serious car owners. If you are aware of the demands of each season and keep your car carefully prepared you can prolong it’s life, boost performance, and increase fuel economy. Springtime is very different from the winter season we are leaving, and your car has probably taken a bit of a beating during that long, long winter. We’ve compiled five solid tips to help you transition your car to spring:

  1. Remove Winter/Snow Equipment. If you have snow tires, you can safely remove those now. If you were hauling around shovels, ice scrapers, ice salts, extra coats and blankets, even sleds - now is the time to put those away. Take an afternoon to clean out your car, trunk, or truck bed to eliminate extra weight and free up some space for your spring picnics, baseball equipment, and all of the great warm weather activities for which you’ll be using your car this season.
  2. Spring Cleaning! After you’ve removed your winter supplies it is the perfect time to give your car a deep spring cleaning. You can do it yourself with a vacuum and household cleaning supplies, or take it to a full-service carwash to do the job. Either way it’s a great idea to get your vehicle sparkling clean to start out this beautiful season.
  3. Top off your windshield wiper fluid and replace your wiper blades. Spring means showers, and you don’t want to get caught in the rain with faulty wiper blades or a spotty windshield. Most car owners find that the ice and snow of winter can damage their wiper blades, and they’re a pretty affordable auto part to replace yourself. Now is the perfect time!
  4. Get a quick tune-up or oil change. This is especially important if you had a rough winter or if anything harmful happened to your vehicle. Making sure that everything is in good shape and quickly correcting any problems is essential for keeping your car running perfectly for the long term. If your engine struggled in the cold or you had braking and traction issues in the snow it can be tempting to think “Oh now that it’s warming up my engine will be fine!” but it usually indicates more serious problems. Take care of them right away!
  5. Stock up on products you’ll use this season and through the summer. Since it’ll be snowing and raining less, you're likely to wash your car more often. Invest in a shining protectant spray like NanoBoost to keep your car looking clean, shiny, and always freshly washed. 

A fuel additive can give your engine a little love after a long winter, as well as boost your engine’s performance and improve your fuel efficiency. Since spring and summer usually mean more travel, road trips, and getting out the house regularly you will want to invest in a product which will save you money and gas. 

CleanBoost Maxx Fuel Supplement is a fast and affordable answer.

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