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When was your last oil change? Do you know off the top of your head? Unless you’ve gotten an oil change in the last month, you likely don’t remember. Today’s cars include smart technology which will alert you to the need for an oil change, or maybe you just rely on the sticker they put in your window. We’ve got several compelling reasons to go get an oil change this month, even if you’re not quite due for one yet. Trust us.

5 Reasons to Get An Oil Change This Month

  1. Winter: Winter is hard on your engine. Starting up cold causes extra friction and lots of hard work. Your oil has gone from cold to hot and back again, so a refresh is definitely necessary. It’s not uncommon to see stagnant oil or a great need for more oil, so get in to top it off.
  2. Fluids: While we’re on the subject of fluids, they don’t just top off your oil during an oil change. It can also be helpful to see your other fluids topped off. There are still snowy and rainy drives ahead of you, so get your washer fluid fully topped off and all other levels checked.
  3. Brakes: Winter can do a number on your brakes as you constantly hit them in snowy weather with sliding cars around you. Are yours in good shape? An oil change provides mechanics and opportunity to diagnose your brake situation before it gets dangerous.
  4. Pre-Emptive Measures: One of the most valuable things about an oil change is the ability to diagnose serious problems. Trust your mechanic to know what is wrong, or could potentially go wrong with your vehicle. Tell them any scary noises you’re hearing, or concerns you may have and you can ensure a healthier future for your vehicle.
  5. Optimize: When you get an oil change you have more options for optimizing your vehicle. You can choose an oil additive such as CleanBoost EMT to better clean your engine. You may switch out air filters or replace wiper blades. You have multiple opportunities to make your car more efficient and functional, but sometimes you need the oil change to present the opportunities.

Even if you’re not due for an oil change this month, it’s a great idea to schedule one or drop into an open tune and lube for the benefit of your vehicle and future.

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