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Cleaning your own car has a lot of benefits over a commercial carwash or detailing service. It’s great for control freaks or those who have especially clean tastes or high standards for their car’s appearance. Or maybe you have older kids who need some meaningful chores or tasks – plus the lessons that can help them successfully own their own cars one day. One of the biggest benefits that pushes some car owners to clean their own cars is the cost. It is much more cost effective to clean your own car than to pay another person to do it, of course.

Even if you are starting from scratch as an amateur car washer & detailer, it can still be cheaper to buy or build your own car cleaning kit. A car cleaning kit will pull together all of the items you need to detail your car whenever it needs it.

Premade Car Cleaning Kits

You can buy complete car cleaning kits at a variety of locations.

  • Walmart Car Cleaning Kits: When you want the most affordable option that will work for the widest variety of cars, Walmart is the best option. This can make a great gift for a new driver or when you’re trying to figure out the cleaning routine that will work for you and your car.
  • Lowes Car Cleaning Kit: For a more serious clean you might look toward a more quality car cleaning kit. Lowes or other home improvement stores can offer car cleaning kits that have a higher quality, more expensive range of products and tools. This is a great set for a more experienced car owner who wants to upgrade.
  • Specialty Car Cleaning Kit: Online or in auto supply stores you can find car cleaning kits which are designed specifically for your type of vehicle. They can include different types of cleansers for your seat material, polishes for your wheels or exterior, and more.


DIY Car Cleaning Kit

Another great choice is to assemble your own car cleaning kit to meet your exact needs. Large sponges, mild cleanser, and a bucket work best for exterior cleaner. Then consider a shine spray like CleanBoost Nano-Sheen, which will leave chrome wheels and fixtures of your car looking beautiful and fresh. You can find wipes and sprays which are designed specifically for your needs – leather, wood paneling, vinyl interiors, and more.

Car cleaning kits are easy to find or assemble and they’re especially helpful for someone who wants to care for their car better or to have more frequent and inexpensive car cleanings.

What are you waiting for? Get your car shining like new! Purchase some of our CleanBoost Nano-Sheen today! 

CleanBoost® Nano-Sheen™

 What are you waiting for? Get your car shining like new! Purchase some of our CleanBoost Nano-Sheen today! 

CleanBoost® Nano-Sheen™

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