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Horsepower is an important measurement, whether you’re a racer, a tower of trailers, or a soccer mom hauling kids all over the town. Horsepower indicates the power and strength of your engine overall. It translates into acceleration, speed, towing capability, maneuverability, and fuel economy.

Increasing your horsepower is absolutely necessary if you’re looking for a vehicle that is faster, stronger, or more durable over the long run. A lot of people think horsepower only matters if you’re looking for the fastest speed coming off the starting line or if you’re towing a huge trailer full of heavy equipment. But horsepower also indicates the general strength of your engine, and an engine with solid horsepower is also going to function better over time and in the long run.

There are several ways to boost the horsepower of your vehicle, some ways are more intense and some are more simple. Take a look and decide if any of these are options you would consider to boost the performance of your vehicle:


  1. Cold Air Intake - you can upgrade to a high-quality cold air intake, which compresses the air entering your engine. Cold air is denser, so it will combust more powerfully! In addition to compressing the cold air, it also brings in more air and decreases the friction and resistance of the regular air flow.
  2. Improve Exhaust Catalyst Tubes - by straightening these tubes the gases will exit your vehicle faster, improving the airflow and allowing more air (and less buildup) to circulate your engine. Depending on the age and model of your vehicle this can be a very easy or challenging fix to increase horsepower.
  3. Aerodynamic Tires - choose a lightweight wheel and a shorter tire style to increase your speed off the starting line, and to help the power translate more effectively to the pavement. You can also make sure your alignment has your wheels pointing straight ahead, as crooked alignment uses up some of your horsepower.
  4. Get a Turbo- or Super-Charger - a slightly more expensive option is to put a fancy gadget in your car that times and calculates when to inject the fuel for maximum horsepower. This can be problematic if you mess with factory settings or need environmental checks, but it can increase the horsepower of your vehicle. Definitely trust this upgrade to an expert!
  5. Use a Fuel Additive - by far the cheapest option, you can buy a gallon or two of fuel additive and drop in a little each time you fill up your tank in order to improve your horsepower. Fuel additives are able to do this because they bond with the fuel and ensure that every last drop is used by your engine, and not left behind. By increasing the effectiveness of your fuel combustion you are naturally improving the basic horsepower of your vehicle, in addition to keeping your engine clean.
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