Are Fuel Additives Worth It?

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Sometimes it can feel like your car is actually one long list of continual expenses: oil changes, new tires, fresh brake pads, a faulty taillight… not to mention the constant and repetitive cost of filing up with gas at the bottom of every empty tank. You have to do it; you have no choice. If you want to use your car you have to squeeze time into your busy day and squeeze dollars out of your tight budget in order to pay for those expensive gallons of precious gasoline. And when gas prices spike, it can hurt even more! If you’ve been looking to increase your fuel efficiency, or decrease your spending on gas and other car-related expenses you’re not alone.

Maybe you’ve tried all the tricks in the book: buying a more fuel efficient car, constantly checking and comparing gas prices around town, driving slower, keeping your car as lightweight as possible, avoiding bumper-to-bumper traffic, using the right tires. You might have noticed a few extra miles to the gallon with these techniques, or perhaps not. There is still one step you can take to increase your fuel efficiency and decrease your auto expenses - fuel additives.

What is a Fuel Additive?

Fuel additives contain chemical compounds designed to assist your engine in burning fuel more efficiently. They are carefully concocted and concentrated, so only a few drops contain all of the goodness your engine wants. Fuel additives do a couple of different things, depending on the brand and formula you buy, but across the board their goal is usually the same - improve the fuel you buy.

Clean Boost Maxx is one of the best fuel additives on the market, because it forms chemical bonds with the gasoline you buy and makes it better, cleaner, and more efficient. When the Clean Boost Maxx fuel additive meets your tank of gasoline, it immediately starts to change it. The fuel becomes cleaner, meaning it is less likely to leave behind deposits, gunk, or friction as it blasts through your engine. Your engine will be cleaner AND run cleaner! This fuel additive also helps to reduce the harmful chemicals and exhaust created when you combust the fuel for engine power. Again, this means less gunk for your engine and less pollution for the environment.

But the main feature that makes this fuel additive worth it is that it helps your engine burn the fuel more efficiently. Do you know how much fuel your engine actually wastes? It would make you angry if you did. Using a fuel additive helps your engine burn up ALL of the gasoline you bought and poured into the tank, meaning you get every single penny’s worth. It also means that your engine utilizes all of the energy available to it, maximizing fuel efficiency and decreasing cost. If you’re suddenly using every drop of gas you won’t have to fill up as often, saving you money.

So, Are Fuel Additives Worth it?

Clean Boost Maxx is an affordable way to increase fuel efficiency while saving money on auto expenses. A few drops in each tank of gas translates into big saving, and a healthier engine, immediately! Fuel additives - they’re worth it.

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