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For casual drivers, the list of auto maintenance procedures is very short: gas, car washes, oil changes, and state safety & emissions tests. If you drive a regular car in a regular way then you don’t need much more, right? The basic maintenance is great for taking care of average cars, and it will meet the needs of average drivers. All of those fancy products and services are usually aimed at high-end car owners, enthusiasts, racers, or those who own and operate big expensive vehicles for their jobs. After-market additions, fuel and engine additives, and other expensive products surely aren’t designed for your little Honda Civic or your wife’s carpool minivan, right? In some instances you might be right, but for some products you might be surprised.

You don’t need to buy racing tires for your everyday car. You don’t need to sup up your engine with tricky updates. You don’t need to fork over hundreds of dollars for the most expensive specialty oils and fluids for your car - especially if it’s just getting you to and from your basic activities. But even as a casual car owner there are some products that are worth it - no matter how small or casual your engine.

Fuel additives are a brilliant choice for any car owner. Fuel additives are designed to benefit any type of engine, whether it’s a racer pushing for a record MPH or a soccer mom looking for the best fuel efficiency for her minivan. Fuel additives come in many different forms, liquid or pills, expensive or affordable, easy to use or more advanced. You will have many options from which to choose, but even small engine casual drivers can find a fuel additive that will work for them.

Fuel additives do many different things, but a very good one will increase your fuel efficiency, burn all of the gasoline each combustion, eliminate leftover deposits, and decrease emissions. CleanBoost Maxx is an excellent fuel additive which does all of these things, and more. Fuel additives are especially great for casual car owners because it’s a very simple and easy way to prevent problems preemptively, and to keep your car as young, clean, and efficient as possible.

The first time you use CleanBoost Maxx in your small engine you will notice a difference in your fuel economy. CleanBoost Maxx bonds with the fuel in your engine to ensure that every single drop is utilized in combustion, meaning you are getting what you pay for at the pump. It means you will have to fill up less frequently and you will get your money’s worth. Additionally, you can rest assured that your fuel is burning clean - not leaving behind residue or grimy deposits in your engine that can cause problems over time.

CleanBoost Maxx is perfect for small engines and casual drivers especially because of its ease of use. Either in pill or liquid form, you can add it yourself after filling up with gas and that’s that! Fuel additives can work wonders for your small engine. Try one today!

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