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Your grass is starting to green up, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is bright and strong. You can practically smell the salt water or chlorine on your skin. Plans for big road trips and crazy family reunions are in the works, so it’s time to start thinking about your boat, your RV, your off-road vehicles or your summer convertible, if you’re lucky enough to have one. You need to think about more than just the bags and snacks and sporting equipment we’re gonna haul around in them. They’ve been sitting, quietly waiting through the cold winter months. Give them the TLC they deserve and carefully de-winterize your vehicles so they can perform well all summer long.


De-Winterizing Steps


  1.      Assess the situation. Pull it out of storage and give it a careful inspection, top to bottom, front to back. Were there any issues or concerns you had last season? Now is a great time to make a repair appointment before the summer rush begins. If you wanted to add any extras or make any changes to your vehicle - do your research now and find an expert.
  2.      Flush the antifreeze from the water lines for certain recreational vehicles. The antifreeze protects your water lines from freezing, expanding, and breaking during cold winter months. Make sure you have plenty of clean water and watch closely for any leaks or plumbing issues when you begin flushing the antifreeze from the system.
  3.      Tune-up. Do it yourself if you feel competent, or call your favorite local shop. Check tire pressure, change and replace fluids, ensure that belts are tight, and lubricate key components with NanoBoost spray. Make sure your oil is fresh, and use an oil additive to keep friction low and help your engines run perfectly all summer long.
  4.      Clean inside and out. Even if it was spotless last fall, it has at minimum a thin layer of dust, and maybe even some pesky bugs. Give it a thorough wipe down and vacuuming, and don’t forget the corners and hard-to-reach places. Then take your vehicle through a car wash (or do it yourself at home) and seal it with a nice wax job to keep it shiny and protected when you’re ready to take it out.
  5.      Prepare for the first outing! Call your insurance agent to make sure your coverage is adequate and do your research about where and when you want to use the vehicle. Buy air fresheners, cleaning wipes, snacks, emergency kit essentials, and other needs with which to stock your vehicle for a trip. Being prepared in advance will make your trip so much more enjoyable - and safe.


You may not be taking the boat to the lake or the RV up the canyon anytime soon, but you don’t want to leave these steps to the night before your big trip. De-Winterize your vehicles now and leave the stress behind as you head off into that warm summer sunset!

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